Greco Belgica, social media refutes Trillanes claim Nova Scotia Bank is non-existent

In a press conference, Trillanes taunted President Duterte to sign a bank waiver in the same manner he did after his alleged offshore accounts circulated online.

Likewise, Trillanes said that Duterte is a big liar and dismissed the allegation as fake news.

He denied having a bank account from Nova Scotia Bank which the senator said is a non-existent bank.

However, Greco Belgica, a Duterte supporter and Trillanes critic posted a rebuttal to the senator’s dismissive statement that Nova Scotia Bank is non-existent via a Facebook post.

“So there is a NOVA SCOTIA BANK. Trillianes said there is non. So pano yan?

Libel, Fake News, Sinungaling? Anong tawag dito? Trillianes has been accusing so many people of so many things in the Senate and media yet cowarding behind congressional immunity at the same time?

So how does one protect himself from abusive and “libelous” Senators like him?

Conressional immunity must be stripped down. If ordinary people are held accountable to what they say, so also must be Senators held accountable for what they do and expose in public.


Netizen Allan Paul Angeles Adona posted the image below on Facebook to join Belgica in quashing Trillanes statement that Nova Scotia Bank is a figment of the imagination of his critics.

Grace Banga joined the rebuttal team against Trillanes and wrote: “There is a scotia Bank, in Canada, baka sinadya yan ni trilling,para malalaman niya na yong mga pinoy ba ay kakampi sa kanya, excuse me, trilling, lahat na mga pinoy dito, gusto ang presidente, kaya walang pinoy, na kakampi dito sa yo sa Canada, Kaming mga Tao dito, naghihintay kung kailan ka aalis sa senado, lahat ayaw sayo.”

Myrna Branairos Eduque commented: “sinungaling ka trolling Scotia bank is the one popular bank in Canada.”

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