Grief-stricken young female doctor demands transparency on use of test kits, accountability of budget after young colleague falls anew to covid

A highly emotional lady doctor has taken to socmed to air her frustration and anger after a colleague succumbed to covid-19 today.

In a Facebook post, netizen Cecille P. Mata-Racelis announced the sad news to the public. She opened the post by giving the public an idea how long it takes to be called a doctor. “It takes around 10 yrs to study medicine, 3-4 yrs of residency and 3-4 yrs of fellowship training.

Dr. Mata-Racelis said that her 34-year colleague fallen colleague showed no fear as a frontliner in the fight against covid but unfortunately he succumbed to it after battling the disease for weeks.

Dr. Mata-Racelis described the death of her colleague heart-breaking, just thinking the sacrifices he made just to become a doctor but he did not live long enough to reap the fruits of his labor.

The inconsolable Dr. Mata-Racelis found it hard to accept that a colleague died because one patient lied about her travel history, his test results came out late, while asymptomatic Senators and government officials got theirs the following day.

Dr. Mata-Racelis send her prayers to the fallen colleague, to his family, to the health care workers, to the people and enjoined public to help them win this fight by staying home and be honest.

Dr. Mata-Racelis ended the FB post with prayers to the government to grow a conscience and once and for all, be sensible. She also demanded transparency on the use of test kits and accountability on the budget.

Dr. Mata-Racelis FB post has made thousands of netizens shed tears, generating 35,000+ shares, 49,000+ reactions and 5,000+ comments just three hours after posting the sad news on socmed.

Dr. Cecille Mata-Racelis is a member of Philippine Neurological Association.

You may read the full FB post below.

This young 34 yr old doctor (a former DOCTOR TO THE BARRIOS💔) is on his fellowship training. He unreluctantly did his job as a frontliner to a COVID patient. He died a few hours ago after battling the disease for weeks, it was a good fight but he lost… his result came out positive for COVID 2 days ago.

This is really heart breaking, what happened to his sleepless nights, his sacrifice of time being away from his family, the future fruits of his labor? All loss to one patient who did not disclose her travel history.
And his results came out weeks after being tested; weeks after being intubated. While those Asymptomatic senators and government officials got theirs the next day.

Rest in peace young comrade, our prayers are with you and your family…
More prayers for our health care workers for their safety and well being…
Prayers for the people, help us in this fight, please STAY at HOME and be HONEST with your history…
Prayers for the government na MAKONSENSYA NMAN KAYO AT MAGTINO. TRANSPARENCY on the use of test kits and ACCOUNTABILITY sa budget!😢💔🙏🏻


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Source: Cecille P. Mata-Racelis

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