Guess what? Leni-Kiko tandem changes color once again. Here’s how Manila Bulletin writer, netizens react to latest PR stunt of Kakampinks

Three weeks before election and a few hours after the Manila Pen joint-presscon of Kiko, Ping and Gonzalez, Leni-Kiko team decided to change the color of their rose from pink to the Philippine flag plus the colors pink and green to symbolize unity of all political colors of the candidates.

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu called this exercise a desperate, last ditch effort to claw they way back to relevancy to a bigger and wider audience.

In other words, another PR stunt in the hope of salvaging an unsalvageable campaign to thrust Leni Robredo to the presidency.

Basically, Chu told Leni camp to raise the white flag now because it is over.

Three weeks before election, Leni’s very brilliant campaign team changes the colors of their rose to the colors of the PH flag (plus a stray pink and green leaf.) three weeks before elections, a desperate, last ditch, clawing for air attempt to make themselves relevant to a bigger audience.

Too little, too late

Netizens seem to agree with Krizette Chu’s on point read of Leni’s presidential campaign as shown in the comments below.

Netizen #1 called Leni-Kiko’s campaign at this point hilarious.

At this point, their campaign is beyond comical..

Netizen #2 blamed Leni-Kiko’s political branding confusing for their crushing defeat in the forthcoming election.

Too little, too late for VP’s camp.🥺🥺If we are going to observe their rallies, sorties and caravans. The Philippine Flag is already associated with the UNITEAM, while the Pink Flag and roses are already analogous to Leni-Kiko. Sadly, the political branding of VP Leni is very inconsistent and confusing. From a Yellow Ribbon 🎗🎗🎗to a simple plain white color 🏳🏳🏳to Pink Roses and Flag/Banner 🌷🌷🌷then this??? 🤨🤨🥺🥺😩😩🤯🤯

Netizen #3 said many Filipinos just don’t like Leni’s personality. Plus, she has zero integrity.

She now has more colors than my favorite eyeshadow palette. Wala sa kulay yan, Leni. Nasa personality at integrity. We don’t like your personality and we see that you have no integrity, so it’s not gonna fly.

Netizen #4 agreed with netizen #3 that the color is not the problem, it’s Leni.

The problem is not the color. It’s the person that they are trying to sell. Yung product mismo ang hindi sellable. Trust ratings shows na wala ng wenta yung tao tapos ilalako pa nila. Ang diskarte pa was to change the initial color of the brand. Gawing pink yung dilaw. Tapos sabihin na independent at walang influences from the LP itself. Pero yunt campaign manager at yung VP eh true-blooded LP. Patawa lang eh. Yan yung typical na repackaging. Pero yun at yun pa rin ang lasa. LP should have just ditched her when they knew that their bet has a very low trust rating and that the result of the last election shows that she doesn’t have the capacity to at least push one candidate in the Senate. That proves that she’s not the right candidate for this Presidential election and should not be made the face of the opposition. LP will now be a has been, thanks to her. Better luck next time and please hire a new blood of campaign strategists. Also do consider the stats, for numbers don’t lie.


Source: Krizette Chu


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