Hague-based International relations expert reacts to Manny Pacquiao’s response to President Duterte saying he should study well re foreign policy

After Senator Manny Pacquiao was scolded by President Duterte to study well on foreign policy, instead of keeping his silence and sulk in the corner in embarrassment, like the boxing legend that he is that endeared him to boxing fans around the world, the boxer turned politician launched a counterattack. How?

Senator Manny Pacquiao released a statement saying he disagreed with PRRD’s assessment of his understanding of foreign policy. Pacquiao added that he as merely voicing out what needs to be said in defense of what has been ADJUDICATED as rightfully ours.

On that note, International relations expert and now an associate professor in the Netherlands Sass Rogando Sasot via her FB page wrote an open letter to Senator Pacquiao to point out his ignorance of processes in international relations. Sasot added it is imperative for someone who aspires to become the chief architect of our foreign policy to know the difference between arbitration and adjudication, which she said is very basic.

There you are. You betrayed your ignorance of processes in international relations. What happened was arbitration and NOT adjudication. This is very basic. Anyone who aspires to become the chief architect of our foreign policy should know the difference. These are two different processes in international law. So the right word to use is arbitrated and NOT adjudicated.

Sasot joked she would bet his 5 euro bag to Jinkee’s Hermes collection that the senator haven’t read, let alone, understood the South China Sea Arbitration decision.

“And based upon what you’ve said so far about this issue, I will bet my 5 euro bag against your wife’s Hermes collection, that you haven’t read, let alone understood, the South China Sea ARBITRATION decision.”


Sasot’s open letter to Senator Manny Pacquiao trended on Facebook, generating 21,000 reactions, 3,500+ shares and 2,900 comments in just 8 hours and counting.

“Nakakahiya. It’s like us not knowing the difference between Hermes and a 5 euro bag,” social media influencer Krizette Chu joked.

On serious note another netizen commented that understanding won’t cut it: “My friend, understanding is not enough when you are talking about Foreign Policies. You need to be competent. Which i think you are far away from being one.”

“Poor Sen. Manny P. change your advisers they are just pulling you down and portray you as nincompoop better concentrate on your boxing career and retire peacefully afterwards. People will remember all the good deeds you’ve done being a boxing champ instead,” another netizen expressed pity for the boxer turned politician.



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