Happening right now! DENR to dismantle Laguna de Bay’s fish pens for the President’s ZERO FISH PEN POLICY

By next year, we will clean up Laguna Lake, but we will pay particular attention to poor fishermen there so they continue to earn.

These are the words of Sec. Gina Lopez on December of 2016 while announcing the DENR’s initiative to turn Laguna Lake into magnificent ecotourism zone.

If you’d recall, Duterte made a promise to clean up Laguna Bay from illegal fishpens and even threatened to call on the military when necessary.

Today, January 26, 2017, Sec, Gina Lopez shared the photo of our Coast Guards on board a patrol boat whose mission is to deliver Duterte’s promise to the ordinary fisher folks who were pushed out by big financier fish pens.

Sec. Lopez captioned her viral photo that reads:

Happening right now! DENR to dismantle Laguna de Bay’s fish pens for the President’s ZERO FISH PEN POLICY. Our enforcement team under Usec Art Valdez together LLDA GM Joey Medina with the NBI, Philippine Coast Guard and the Philippine Army will zero in today on large, illegal fish operators that have benefitted and profited from the lake region since the 70s. Operators have been given enough time to dismantle their own pens last year and as of January this year, all permits to operate have been cancelled.

As of this morning, Ms. Lopezes photo has garnered 1,921 shares, 419 comments and 5,283 reactions on Facebook barely 3 hours after she uploaded it.

Netizens praise Ms. Lopez for having the balls to implement a zero fish pen policy that has been there for 4 decades and a half.

“The LLDA was created in the late ’60’s or early ’70’s , took 45 years to implement a zero fishpen policy!That’s one mighty praise i need to shout out to PRRD ,Secretary Gina Lopez and his Laguna Lake team!!
Everybody benefits except those fallen fishpen owners!! the environment, the people living around the lake,the economy in the long run!” Ernie Pascual wrote. “Will the price of fish rise in the Metro? tilapia or bangus? Only temporary i believe.”

“It’s really happening. Simutin niyo madam! Make Laguna de Bay great again!” Federico Reyes remarked.

“Mabuhay Sec. Gina for your pro-Filipino, pro-environment stand! These fishpens have enriched politicians and their rich friends at the expense of killing Laguna de Bay and exclusion the majority of poor fishermen,” Claro Ganac praised Lopez for her pro-Filipino advocacy.

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Source: Gina Lopez


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