Hashtag #DearPRESIDENTDigong is now trending on Twitter

When a new leader is elected, it is customary for the citizens to write a letter expressing their wishes. In todays age, Twitter comes in handy to get their message across.

Credits to sunstar.com.ph

The netizen’s wishes varies from the mundane, to the silliest and even to the most serious ones that deserves a second look from President Duterte.

Netizen bitch senpai wants Mayor Duterte to impose death penalty to people who litter the streets.

Another one asks President Duterte to refrain from using cuss words during SONA or in meetings with world leaders.

Another netizen asks Duterte to prohibit politicians to plaster their faces in local government vehicles.

Another netizen asks President Duterte to fight criminality so that he can use his mobile phone in public without fear.

Another netizen wants President Duterte to bring positive change to the country and proved his critics wrong.

This one deserves a second look.

Another netizen created a list of her wishes that are doable under a Duterte presidency.

Here’s a request that should be hotly debated in a few months time.


Here’s the silliest request from Koleen.

I agree with her reqeust totally. Lol


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