Hayyss papabigat pa —- Netizen on Leni Robredo’s ready to deploy rescue teams for STS Maring victims but draw jeers on FB instead

According to GMA News, VP Robredo has organized two teams to extend assistance to residents affected by Severe Tropical Storm Maring in Northern Luzon.

The irony is, Leni Robredo’s ready-to-deploy team to assist people in need in Cagayan/Isabela/Benguet/La Union areas also need help from those who have equipments for rescue ops.

On that note, staunch Duterte supporter Andrew Olivar aka Boy Landi did not allow to opportunity to pass without taking a swipe at Leni Robredo’s camp on Facebook.

Olivar wrote that Robredo and her camp’s action is very obvious they want to make it appear that they are first to respond among the presidential aspirants to extend help to the residents of the above-mentioned areas even if she was just tweeting and did not extend actual help.

Syempre kailangan nyo muna ipaalam na nauna sya kahit nagtweet palang sya at wala pang actual na tulong..

Olivar said Robredo’s move is nothing but typical move of a politician.

Hayyys pulitikong pulitiko ang galawan..

Olivar coined a phrase to describe Robredo’s effort to deploy a rescue team who also needs help to rescue others.

kayo pa magaask ng help eh kayo ang maghehelp..mGpaparescue pa kayo .. hayyss papabigat pa

Netizens who read Andrew Olivar’s FB post had a field day jeering and poking fun at Leni Robredo’s rescue team who needs rescuing before they can even start helping the typhoon victims.

So let me make this clear: She set-up a team to help and assist those affected by the typhoon.But she needs the assistance of other agencies to assists those she wants to assist. Perfect!

To which another netizen replied: same lang din style sa vaccine express nya sumakay sa lgu ngayon sasabit lang din sya sa mga agencies

Pupunta sa site maglalagay ng tarp tapos magpapapics. Boom project na niya. Kahit totoong naghirap ay ang LGU at mga rescuers. tapos ung mga fans ni mema bilib na bilibĀ 😂😂😂 said another netizen.

O dva? Acting like a president na.. akala mo walang ginawa ang presidente gawin mo pang inutil.. akala mo alam na alam ang gagawin.. economic policy palang nangangamote kana..😂😂😂wag kanang tumulong kung di mo alam kung papano ang gulo mo sobra..😁😁😁lakas manghawa, remarked one more critic.

Publicity stunt and gimmickry. If you read between the lines, wala. Mag-organize at hihingi palang ng tulong naknambakang duling oo. Pinulitika na ang sakuna at bagyo. Putris! another netizen summed up the sentiment of fellow netizen critics of the VP.


Source: Andrew Olivar

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