Here’s how President Duterte & PH retaliates vs America amid US visa cancellation of Senator Bato according to retired broadcaster Jay Sonza!

Lol. Retired broadcaster Jay Sonza is figuratively throwing more wood or fuel to the fire.

In a Facebook post, the retired broadcaster wrote that it’s high time the US learns how to respect sovereign nations.

“America must learn how to respect the sovereignty and duly elected leaders of other countries.”

Sonza cited the three instances starting with Obama and continues until President Trump, where the US has disrespected Philippine sovereignty.

strike #1. US Pres. Obama disrespected and criticized Pres. DU30 and the sovereign PH government in a worldwide televised press conference
strike #2. US senators passed ban resolution for PH officials behind D5 incarceration who is facing drug trade cases.
strike #3. US State Department and Justice cancelled the visa of PH senator and former national police chief because of PH war on drugs.

Sonza, in baseball terms, remarked that the US is three strikes already and that means out.

“Kung baga sa baseball o softball, tatlong strike means you’re out.”

Sonza enumerated a couple of responses the PH and President Duterte must take in retaliation versus the US.

Our response as a sovereign country and people:
1. Cancellation of the US-PH Visiting Forces Agreement.
2. Require all Americans to secure visa before entering the Republic of the Philippines.
3. Decline the POTUS invite to attend US-ASEAN leaders meeting and/or invite for a state or working visit to USA.
4. Lambasted and chastised Pres. Obama and the US government before any all available medium and time.
5. Adopted independent foreign policy shift by extending friendly, trade and commerce relationships with China, Russia, India and other countries of the world.

One netizen shared his thoughts on the US and wrote: “US think highly of themselves, that they can bully us anytime and dictate to us. They never thought that we can have the likes of Duterte. The bastards got a shock of their life. Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?”

Another netizen commented that US was used to dictating our Presidents but times have changed: ” Masyadong nasanay ang US na kaya nilang diktahan ang presidente. Iba ngayon. Long live PRRD! “

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Source: Jay Sonza

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