Here’s the answer to the billion-peso question why Tish Bautista’s mother sided with son-in-law Andres Bautista over own blood

If you’d recall, Baby Cruz, Tish Bautista’s mother chose her son-in-law over her daughter in the epic marital spat between the estranged Bautista couple.

Please read the letter below for your reference.

“I am greatly saddened by recent events involving my daughter Tisha and her husband Andy. As a mother, you always wish happiness for your daughter and her family. Sadly, fairy tales sometimes do not always come true.”

“It also pains me to see my grandchildren go through this trial that was not of their doing nor of their fault.”

“I have known Andy for many years, and I know him to be an honest, upright, God-fearing husband and father. He is a man of unquestioned integrity, the kind of man any mother would entrust her daughter to.”

“This is why I cannot believe the accusations against him, even if they are from my own daughter.”

“I continue to pray for Andy and his family that they stand fast and find the strength to face this storm.”

“I also pray for my daughter that she realizes what are truly important in life.”

In a TV interview, Tish Bautista’s offered an explanation on the issue, giving the public the picture why her mother dropped her like a hot potato in favor of her husband, COMELEC Chairman Andres Bautista.

The post of Atty. Paula Defensor Knack summarizes the mother and daughter spat, answering the billion-dollar question of netizens following Baby Cruz’s letter.

According to Tish, the issue boils down to the billion-peso real estate owned by her stepdad.

Now I understand why this martial spat is far more than a husband-wife dispute…

This is more than the spat of a couple. This involves even the quick marriage of the mother of Tisha to the widower of a Madrigal and the alleged hold of Divina Law over the real estate of the widower. And theres the current NBI, BIR, AMLC investigation of money laundering by Andres BAutista.

The mother of Tisha Bautista married the widower of her friend, Ising Madrigal Vasquez (the last of the children of Don Vicente Madrigal ), 6 months after Ising died.

Tisha says that Divina Law holds real estate which would go to her mother if the stepfather dies. Kaya pala ang bilis ng kasal to the widower of a Madrigal and talk of the town ???? Tisha’s mother sides therefore with Andres Bautista.

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