Here’s what our friendly dermatologist says on allegation Bong Go had his ‘dragon tattoo’ laser-removed

After Bong Go bared his back to the media to prove Trillanes and the critics wrong, fresh allegation from the opposition camp said that Bong Go had the tattoo laser-removed.

Silent No More Ph, a Facebook page highly identified with the opposition, asked Bong Go to have his back examined by their derma expert to once and for all erase any iota of doubt in their minds.

Dear Fellow Filipinos

Not so fast Bong Go! Puwede pa examine closely yun likod mo ng DERMA EXPERT namin. Kaya pala mabilisan lang!

VENTOSA DAW! Sabi ng trolls? Ano? Iba-ibang size ng bote?

Galing ah! Make up by?


Meanwhile,popular pro-Duterte dermatologist Dr. Ethel Pineda quickly extinguished the ugly insinuation from the opposition camp on Facebook that Bong Go had his ‘dragon tattoo’ laser-removed.

When you remove a tattoo with laser, there is usually a “ghost tattoo” left after treatment. Some ink pigments remain especially if the needling was uneven in depth. The laser also removes some natural pigments of the skin making some areas lighter.

There is no perfect tattoo removal. With trained eyes, you can tell.

Netizen Archie Grapa agreed with Dr. Pineda.

I’ve never seen a cleanly removed tattoo. It’s always left with ugly marks.
Kaya ang ginagawa ng iba, pinapatungan.

To which Dr. Ethel Pineda replied: Archie Grapa Not even Johnny Depp’s money can erase Winona perfectly. It thus became “Wino forever.”

Netizen Coleen Cordero suggested the critics have a look at Claudine Barreto’s tattoo that she had it removed.

Check kaya nila ang tattoo na pinatanggal dati ni Claudine Baretto ng makita nilang may marka pa.
Kaloka pagka ignorante nila

Netizen Katherine Payawal-Monding echoed Coleen Cordero’s comment above.

Yes like what happened to Claudine Barreto when she removed her tattoo…

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