Here’s what this retired journalist would do if he were active & practicing journalist today re Noynoy Aquino’s death

The circumstances of the death of former President Noynoy Aquino has left many unanswered questions on the minds of ordinary netizens, especially on the part of retired broadcaster and journalist Jay Sonza.

In a Facebook post, Sonza bared what he would do if he was active and practicing journalist today.

“if I were an active and practicing journalist today, I would do 30 for 30 or a 60 minutes type of enterprise TV docu and series of investigative stories on the “strange” death of the 15th.”
“So many questions,” Sonza remarked.

Sonza went on to list down the specific questions he believe worthy of further investigation to remove any air of doubts surrounding the death of the former president.

  • the real cause of death
  • why was he alone at home
  • if he was that sick, why was he not in the infirmary and medically unattended
  • what were the guards doing outside his room?
  • how much was he worth before his death.
  • is there a foul play? why was he cremated in haste?
  • where is the pathology report?

So many questions!” Sonza wrote.

As of this writing, Sonza’s post has convinced 6,200 netizens that indeed Noynoy’s death requires a deeper investigation. In addition, 680 netizens commented and 766 more shared the post.

Commenting on the thread, one netizen wrote: “Dead men tell no tales.We already know that there are some gray zones. And the family will not explain their side either. They have kept the assasin of their father, if there are issues about Pnoy – this is not a new story anymore.On the other end, at least they gave us a peek of their true colors, how scary it is to be in their orbit, and yes, the Philippines doesn’t deserve them anymore…forever!”

However, one netizen doubted the public will ever know the truth like how the public are still asking who really killed Ninoy . “Sir, no matter how much we want those questions answered, we will never unravel that mystery. They have mastered the art of making things ambiguous and be indifferent to finding the reason for the death as they know the real reason why. They have been in power for over 30 years, yet the death of the father remains an unanswered question.”

“That crosses my mind too Sir Jay especially if he is that sick why the family leave him alone and why his doctors don’t call the family when he misses his 2 dialysis session..and why was he cremated immediately? It is bcoz of covid health protocol that positive or not positive once brought to the hospital and declared dead automatically be cremated?? Or their is a secret regarding his real illness?? I feel sad for the former President to die that way -alone & neglected..” commented another.


Source: Jay Sonza

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