Here’s why BBM is better off without President Duterte’s endorsement and its simply f*ck*ng brilliant!

Every candidate wants President Duterte to raise his/her hand whether on top of a makeshift stage or in Malacanang and definitely in front of the camera for the public to see.

This is especially true for the Presidential aspirants. Isko covets PRRD’s endorsement. Pacquiao too. Even Leni’s camp will not refuse a Presidential endorsement. BBM also said something along that line recently.

To think that in the last 3 Presidential elections, no Presidential candidate emerged victorious after getting the endorsement of the outgoing President.

Cory endorsed FVR. FVR won because the so-called Spirit of EDSA was still fresh in the people’s memory. Of course Miriam protested, claiming she was cheated by FVR. But her protest was eventually defeated.

FVR endorsed Joe de Venecia and Erap won by a landslide.

Erap did not have the luxury of endorsing his successor because he was ousted from Malacanang.

GMA endorsed Gibo Teodoro and PNoy won.

PNoy endorsed Roxas and PRRD won.

Given the history of the Presidential endorsement wherein all presidential candidates endorsed by the incumbent lost terribly in the polls makes you wonder why PRRD’s endorsement is still the sought after these days.

Well, PRRD is the only outgoing President in recent history whose trust and approval ratings remain high a few months before he steps down. PNoy’s trust rating was 49% in March 2016 as per Rappler report here. At this juncture, PRRD’s net satisfaction rating is 60%+ as per SWS December 2021 survey.

With that being said, Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu would prefer BBM does not get PRRD’s endorsement. Why?

Please continue reading below and Chu will tell you her reasons. Believe me. You will like Chu’s line of reasoning if you keep an open mind.

I think PRRD shouldn’t endorse anyone so that the win of BBM is even more legitimate, and will not be tagged by bitter Opposition as “admin-backed.”

Although an endorsement will help, the only thing PRRD has to do now is not say anything damaging about Uniteam, and not endorse anyone else. BBM can already coast on his own popularity.

Let them fight it out.

I guess a big part of why PRRD doesn’t endorse them is that he promised honest and fair elections and fair means not backing anyone at this point.

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Source: Krizette Chu

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