Here’s why this journalist made this remark on Senator Trillanes: “Duwag na, bobo pa”

While journalist Jojo Robles is a known Duterte supporter and Senator Trillanes, a staunch Duterte critics, thrash talking is nothing new.

Yesterday, the blue ribbon committee opened its investigation into the reported P50 million bribery scandal at the Bureau of Investigation (BI).

SOJ Aguirre was invited to the senate after claiming that Jack Lam offered him a P100-million monthly payola in exchange for his protection.

SOJ Aguirresat in the senate probe for two hours but left after his presence was no longer needed.

As soon as he left, Senator Antonio Trillanes III accused SOJ Aguirre of leading the extortion attempt on Jack Lam.

Journalist Robles remarked that this is the military tactics of a “SUNDALONG KANIN”, a monicker given to the senator by his critics.

Robles continued: “Trillanes had two hours to question Justice Secretary Aguirre during yesterday’s Senate hearing, but he didn’t. He had to wait until Aguirre had left before accusing him of leading the extortion attempt on Jack Lam. And Trililing was there during the entire proceedings.”

“Masyado nang bulok yang style mo, Trililing. Duwag na, bobo pa. (Will you suspend me, Facebook, for saying this?),” ranted Robles.

According to, “Sundalong Kanin” are soldiers who have no use in fighting but always end up eating the rations of the entire unit.

Netizen Jose Ramon Villanueva remarked: “Trillanes … is an expert in dirty tricks special ops!”

But netizen Tonyboy Eco Jr. disagreed with Mr. Villanueva and wrote:

“JRV I hope you won’t mind If I somehow disagree. Trillanes IS PATHETIC when he was in uniform, he is pathetic in Barong, will forever be MEDIOCRE. He was NEVER an Expert in PsyOps, had other officers in Magdalo do all those things – EPIC FAILURE lang siya. He’s just dirty AND indecent.”

Do you agree with Jojo Robles view on Trillanes?

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