Highly disappointed supporter of Risa Hontiveros slams senator in open letter, describes the senator as HYPOCRISY in the Senate to Highest Level

An open letter slamming Senator Risa Hontiveros, written by a supporter of the senator’s women’s rights advocacy has been making the rounds on social media lately.

In the open letter sent to the FB page “Anonymous Lapu-Lapu“, the letter sender said that women like her erupted with joy after Hontiveros filed the so-called Tres Marias bill, all three designed to protect women’s rights.

However, since the Gretchen Diez incident trended on social media, the senator according to the letter sender, quickly forgot the bills she passed and seemed to have a change of heart and now supporting the bill promoting the LGBT group.

The letter sender asked whether Hontiveros is now fighting with the LGBT group to give them equality but how about them, the women?

Apparently disappointed with Hontiveros, the letter sender coudn’t help but accuse the senator of riding the Diez trend.

In addition, the letter sender said she is now questioning Hontiveros sincerity in crafting bills, describing the senator as more like a fame whore now and a certified dilawan! 

You may read the full text of the open letter below now.

From a sender:

An Open letter to Risa Hontiveros.

Last 2016, you filed three bills which you called as Tres Marias bill: Senate Bill No. 1251 which seeks to punish those behind misogynistic and homophobic attacks on social media, SB 1252 or the Anti-Rape Act, and SB 1250 or the Anti-Sexual Harassment Bill. We, women, were happy because of these bills as it was designed to protect us. We were all praises to you in social media for bringing this up to the senate.

Just recently, a transgender Gretchen Diez made a noise in all news outlets and social media platforms because of an incident in a mall where he was not allowed to use the female toilet. Reactions from the different groups came pouring.

The incident with Gretchen trends so fast, as fast as how you forgot about the bill that you passed to protect us women. Allowing them to access OUR restroom puts our life and our daughters life at risk. The comfort room will no longer give us comfort as anyone who will dress up like a woman can just easily bust in. You’re fighting with the LGBT group to give them equality but how about us women? How about our security? Do you care about us? Or is riding with Gretchen’s fame more important for you. This makes me question your sincerity in creating bills coz you’re more like a famewhore now and a certified dilawan!

The LGBT group can fight for equality as hard as they like but this should not mean sacrificing our safety. They said their reason why they don’t want to use the MEN’S restroom is they get bullied. Instead of passing the SOGIE bill, how about if they will make another bill to penalize men who will bully or discriminate them? Let’s make life less complicated.

First SOGIE Hearing in 18th Congress

We need a SOGIE Equality Law. It should be the policy of the state to END DISCRIMINATION on the basis of one’s sexuality, gender identity, and expression. I’m glad this is becoming an agenda across parties. The 18th Congress will see the birth of a SOGIE Equality Law.

Posted by Senator Risa Hontiveros on Tuesday, August 20, 2019

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Source: Anonymous Lapu-Lapu

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