Highly emotional video asking Comelec for a clean election in light of reported irregularities in overseas voting

In the midst of allegations of irregularities in overseas voting, an appeal addressed to the Comelec for a clean election is making the rounds online.

COMELEC on highlighted ballot

In a Facebook post published by a known Duterte supporter, Atty. Bruce Rivera made the video appeal to the Comelec after getting reports from his OFW followers of alleged irregularities in the conduct of the election in some parts of the world.

One such alleged irregularity is the non-appearance of the name of Duterte in the voter’s receipt while that of Cayetano appeared. The OFW claimed he/she voted for Duterte. Please check the image below.

alleged irregularities in overseas voting

Alarmed by the information that he has been receiving, Atty. Rivera beseeched the poll body to ensure a clean election that is acceptable to all parties.

Atty. Rivera also maintained the position that whoever wins the election is fine with him as long as the integrity of the ballot of each voter is protected.

But thirty seconds into the 3:56-minute video, Atty. Rivera did something unexpected – he removed his Duterte shirt and went naked, signifying that he is speaking not as a Duterte supporter but just an ordinary Filipino, free from the burdens of personal interest.

Meanwhile, Atty. Rivera also asked the Filipino voters regardless of their presidential preference or religion to make their own video asking the Comelec to ensure a clean and fair election and preserve the sanctity of the votes.

In addition, Atty. Rivera appealed to the Filipino voters not to sell their votes by accepting money, to avoid falling prey to cheaters and most importantly, to be true to their votes.

Towards the end of the video, Atty. Rivera expressed sadness because as he said his rights as a Filipino is slowly being trampled upon.

Hence, Atty. Rivera challenged whoever watches his video, to share this with the Comelec officials and the people in the government who have the heart of the Filipino who will act on his concern.


Posted by Bruce V. Rivera on Sunday, April 10, 2016

What can you say about this post? Are up to the challenge to make a similar video asking Comelec to ensure a clean and fair election?


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