Highly intense FB post appeals to critics to help build a nation, see the goodness in President Duterte instead of criticizing gets nod of 50,000 netizens & counting!

A photo of President Duterte wincing in pain while leaving from the Presidential car has been the cause of celebration among Robredo loyalists and Duterte haters on social media.

Meanwhile, journo Tonyo Cruz, a known Duterte critic and a dilawan blogger also on Twitter had other things in mind.

Cruz tweeted that President Duterte pretended to be sick so that he can have an excuse to leave early and skip the enthronement ceremony of Japan’s new Emperor because he did not want to be shamed by being seated among Ambassadors. Cruz claimed PRRD was last to confirm attendance, hence Digong cannot not be seated along with other leaders because Japan had already fixed the protocol seating.

In other words, it has been almost four years since President Duterte won the election and Filipinos, especially the losing camp, continue to play politics and not giving him any kind of support, letting him do his job without getting criticized for every thing even when he was working his butts off for the country despite his age and working even when was sick.

When not criticizing, poking fun at the President, the supporters of the Opposition wishes the President de@d so that Robredo can take his seat and merrily the LP returns to power.

Netizen Noel Landero Sarifa, a staunch Duterte supporter whose FB posts defending the President has gone viral in countless occassions, has once again taken to Facebook not to defend the President but to make a highly intense open letter addressed to the President’s critics to appeal to them to set aside politics and rally behind the President and show the world that Filipinos can unite for the common good.

Sarifa argued that for the first time, we have a President who is old, in pain but never seems to stop working and serving the Filipinos.

In the FB post, Sarifa asked nothing special from the critics but to help in nation-building by seeing the goodness in Duterte, seeing the purpose of what he does and not just see his mistakes and flaws.

Sarifa said he has lived for decades and for the first time, he has witnessed a President that is really for the Filipinos.

Sarifa urged Filipinos to take advantage of this times, instead of criticizing, jeering and wishing him de@d.

Sarifa the time is now to ask ourselves what can we do for country in our own little way to help instead of complaining and so that our country can move forward to progress.

Sarifa ended the FB post with the heart-tugging line, Building a nation is a NOT A ONE MAN JOB, IT IS OUR JOB!

You may read the original FB post below.

Sa mga Kritiko ni Duterte, Look At our President! He is Old, He is in Pain but he never stops in serving his people.

All I ask from you is to help us build a nation. see the goodness in him, see the purpose of what he does, not just on what wrong you think he is doing. Ilang dekada na akong nabubuhay bilang Pilipino pero ngaun lang tayo nagkaroon ng presidente na puro trabaho. Let us take advantage of this times, imbes na batuhin, tawanan, kutyain at puro na lang kontra, meron pang gusto na syang mamatay.

He is old but he is persistent
He is tired but he pursue
He is physically weak but strong willed

He is doing this for us, ako, tayo, kasama ka. Sana lang imbes na magreklamo, itanong mo na lang sa sarili mo, ” Ano ba ang maitutulong ko?” at sa kaunting paraan na alam mo tumulong tayo. This is the time na ipakita natin sa mundo na kaya nating magka-isa para sa bayan. Hindi dahil sa political preference natin. This is the time na magkapit bisig tayo para ibangon ang Pilipinas. Let us be proud pinoy, sa salita, sa isip at sa gawa.

Let this be a wake up call to us all Filipinos, before it’s too damn late..

Building a nation is a NOT A ONE MAN JOB, IT IS OUR JOB!

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Credits to Noel Landero Sarifa

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