Hindi ba malinaw na gaguhan? — Radio host on unsolved murder of Ninoy Aquino 37 years & 2 Aquino Presidents later

Radio host and known Duterte supporter Mark Lopez was dismissive of the so-called “legacy” of former Senator Ninoy Aquino.

In a Facebook post with the title, “NO LEGACY, ONLY MYSTERY (2020 version)”, Lopez made a strong argument why he made the assertion.

Lopez reckoned that the death of Ninoy Aquino, his surviving family and relatives had benefited tremendously in politics. In fact, his widow became President after the EDSA revolution. A few years later, his only son became President.

If I may add, Ninoy’s younger siblings became senators and a few years later, a nephew also became a senator.

Cory Aquino’s relatives also won local seats in different capacities.

Lopez added that other relatives were also influential in most sectors of PH society and yet no one lifted a finger to demand for the creation of a BODY to find the real mastermind(s) and put to rest the most controversial crime in PH history that even inspired a revolution.

Lopez remarked that after 37 years, the murder of Aquino remained unsolved, despite having two past Presidents and relatives as senators in the family who could have pushed for the investigation, the question remained – who is the mastermind behind the murder of Ninoy?

Lopez ended the FB post by asking netizens if this wasn’t clearly the case of taking Filipinos for fools?

You may read the full post below.

The wife became President.

The only son became President.

Several relatives were either senators, congressmen, cabinet members, governors, mayors.

Other relatives were so influential in most sectors of society.

Even the youngest daughter became a most sensational celebrity, but not because of talent but only because of her pedigree and the ass-licking of the powers-that-be in the showbiz world.

Several oligarchs, politicians, church leaders, academe, civil society beholden to them until now.

More than 3 decades of uninterrupted power and influence.



Hindi ba malinaw na gaguhan?

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Source: Mark Lopez

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