“Hindi bago sa mga l0pez and yellow officers and soldiers ang usapang paputok o pasabog.” — Jay Sonza to the young & innocent & the naive

As conspiracy theories float in socmed that the Kim Chiu “ambush” story was staged as prelude to a destab plot against President Duterte, millennials quickly dismissed this as nonsense or rubbish.

This dismissive attitude of the millenials and some of those who pretend to be one, inspired retired broadcaster Jay Sonza to write this piece on FB to remind people what the Yellows and the Lopezes are capable of to protect their interest.

On Facebook Sonza opened with the standard salutation, “To the young and innocent and the naive.”

Sonza wasted no time and remarked that bombing and explosives isn’t new to the Lopezes. “Hindi bago sa mga lopez and yellow officers and soldiers ang usapang paputok o pasabog.”

Sonza asked his socmed followers if they’ve heard of the b0mbings staged by this group. “Remember the bombings, staged by ‘light a fire movement?'”

Sonza dropped a name of someone whom he said was the central figure of the group. “Remember that Steve Psinakis, married to the sister of Eugenio Lopez? he is a central figure of the group.”

Sonza also mentioned the name of the Apo Hiking Society fame Jim Paredes whose mother was a member of the said group. “Remember that Ms. Paredes, mother of Jim Paredes of Apo Hiking. she is also a leading personality of the group.”

Of course, Sonza did not forget the singer who lost his leg in one of those b0mbing campaigns of the group. “Remember singer Nonoy Zuniga, who lost his leg because of the light a fire bombing in a 5 star hotel?”

Sonza wrapped the brief FB post with a nice piece of advice to the young, innocent and naive. “Huwag maging kasangkapan at biktima. Don’t be naive. Learn from history and past experiences. Mag-aral ng kaunti pag may time.”

Let us read some of the comments of socmed followers of Jay Sonza below.

This netizen testified that Jay Sonza’s claim is true. “Totoo yan sir Jay Sonza. Manggulo tayo at sisihin ang gobyerno! Old-style. Ika nga eh , luma na yan, bulok na yan kumita na yan!”

Another netizen commented that the younger generations were taught of the different version of history, hence they are not aware of this. “Actually, hindi nman tlga alam ng nga tao yan mga binanggit niyo sir. Yun mga older generations naka abot. Pero sa younger hindi nman nila natutunan niyan. Ibang version ng history ang tinuro sa kanila.”

You may click the link here for more details about the Light A Fire Movement.

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Source: Jay Sonza

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