“Hindi po lahat ng naa-appoint na undersecretary sa DOH ay doctor” – Dr. Ethel Pineda

The appointment of former PNP Chief General Cascolan to the DOH as undersecretary has raised the eyebrows of netizens, particularly the anti-Marcos forces in different social media sites like Twitter and Facebook.

“Does former PNP Chief Cascolan has medical background to deserve the job as DOH undersecretary?” is the common question asks by anti-Marcos forces on Twitter and Facebook.

While the anti-Marcos forces and pro-Marcos supporters hotly debated the appointment of former PNP Chief Cascolan to the DOH as undersecretary, some of us are happy being silent readers of the verbal exchange of the opposing camps.

IMO, both sides have raised valid arguments but it does not necessarily mean my opinion hold some weight because I am just a blogger here who storify issues which I believe netizens are interested to read.

Is it correct to say that former PNP Chief Cascolan is not qualified to hold a position at the DOH as undersecretary?

Let us read the FB post of Dr. Ethel Pineda, a pro-Duterte influencer and now supports the PBBM admin, regarding the brouhaha surrounding the appointment of the former PNP Chief to the DOH as undersecretary.

Here’s what Dr. Ethel Pineda wrote on FB:

Hindi po lahat ng naa-appoint na undersecretary sa DOH ay doctor.
May mga trabaho sa departamento na hindi kailangan ng medical degree.

Dr. Ethel Pineda’s post has been a welcome relief for the supporters of the administration because it just validated their argument that you do not necessarily be a doctor to be appointed to a post at DOH.

Exactly Doc! Management and Leadership skills ang magiging offer ni Usec. And I hope magkaron ng oplan tokhang for corrupt DOH Officials,” commented one person.

“Just like former DENR Sec. Cimatu, he was AFP General but not an Environmentalist or a scientist relating to natural resources,” chimed in another person.

Of course, not all netizens agree with Dr. Pineda’s opinion.

but i still believe the better person for the job is the one with health-related education, experiences and trainings,” said a netizen who is against the appointment of Cascolan.

To which Dr. Ethel Pineda repleid: “as I have said. Some jobs do not require medical education. Cascolan as chief if pnp has organizational skills and experience that are useful.”


Source: Ethel Pineda

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