HK OFW: Going to NAIA gives me chills, but losing my job is even scarier

There is no doubt that the alleged victims of the ‘tanim-bala’ incidents in the NAIA are reeling from the psychological effects of spending a day or two in a PNP detention cell for a crime most of them believed they did not commit.

Unless a psychological study is done to ascertain the effects of the ‘tanim-bala’ on its victims, we will never really know.

However, we might find some answers on the case of Gloria Ortinez, the Hong Kong-bound OFW who spent 2 days in jail after a NAIA airport security screener discovered allegedly a ‘carbine bullet’ from her handcarry bag.

In an interview with Karen Davila on ANC, the ‘tanim-bala’ victim spoke on how the incident has shaken her faith on the people in the airport and the psychological toll brought about by the incident.

When asked if she is going back to Hong Kong to resume her work as a DH, Nanay Gloria replied she is scared of riding a plane if she’s flying out of the country via the NAIA.

When pressed by Karen Davila, if indeed she is REALLY scared, the OFW replied that, “I am even more fearful if the people in the NAIA will put not just a ‘bullet’ but even worse than that. It’s very scary!”

She was again asked by Karen Davila if that’s how she’s feeling right now, the OFW said, “Yes Maam, honestly!”

When asked if she has still faith in the people working in the airport, the OFW replied, “It feels like I developed a phobia, it seems like a lose faith because when I enter the premises of the airport, it really scares me a lot! The truth is, I am really scared of ever setting foot in the airport and God knows how I feel Maam!”

How she was treated by the people who arrested the OFW is even more traumatic

According to the narration of Nanay Gloria, she was led into an investigation room with a roomful of airport police. She was nervous and confused and what’s worse, she was told to confess that she owns the amulet. The word amulet never came from her mouth, but from the airport police.

Nanay Gloria recalled she was even asked to sign a paper without explaining the contents to the scared OFW. When she refused to sign the document, she was threatened that she will be handcuffed. But, Nanay Gloria did not budge and refused to sign.

On the way to the police precinct, one of her police escort kept nudging her to admit she owned the amulet.

This action by the airport police according to Atty. Spocky Farolan constitute a violation her rights.

The economic impact on the OFW of ‘tanim-bala’ is equally telling like the psychological effects.

According to the article posted on GMA News, the chance of getting back her job is bleak. The Nanay Gloria Ortinez can’t say with certainty if she was sacked from her job because when spoke with her employer, the latter could not decide on her fate’

The lawyer of Nanay Gloria also spoke twice with the Hong Kong national but due to the language barrier, Attorney Spocky Farolan could not speak with certainty if her client has a job waiting for her after the case is settled in court.

The thought of losing her job is a frightening thought for a mother, who is the breadwinner of the family. She is supporting two kids who rely on her earnings as an OFW for their daily sustenance.

Nanay Gloria Ortinez has been working as an overseas Filipino workers in Hong Kong for 20 years, but the ‘tanim-bala’ incident is about to change her life drastically for the worse even if the charges against her is dropped by the Fiscal’s Office.

Like bullets in bags at NAIA, fear was planted deep inside Gloria Ortinez who may lose her job abroad after falling victim to the #TanimBala modus.

Posted by ANC 24/7 on Thursday, November 5, 2015

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