Honest cabbie in Silay, Negros Occ. returns P175K, other important valuables to German nationals

An honest cabbie driver in Silay Negros Occidental has won the praise of social media netizens for returning the cash worth P175,000 accidentally left by the two German nationals inside his cab.

Credits to Bombo Radyo Bacolod

The driver was identified as Jhowny Camolista of Brgy. E-Lopez, Silay City.

The driver also returned a $50-bill, some personal belongings of the German nationals including their passports.

On February 4, 2020 at around 4:00 PM, Camolista visited Bombo Radyo Bacolod to turn over the belongings of his passengers identified as Thomas Schick, 71-years old and Jutta Schick, 57-years-old, both German nationals who have been residing in the city of Sipalay for the last six months.

According to Camolista, he picked up the two German nationals at Wilcon Depot in Talisay City and dropped them off at CityScape Residences in Bacolod.

Check the positive comments of netizens below, praising the honest cabbie driver.

One commenter claimed she saw the Camolista picked the two german nationals while drinking coffee with an officemate.

“Wow! Good job manong driver👏🏽! Sila gid ni Nakita ku gina nag sakay sila taxi sa 6th street lacson samtang ga coffee kami sang officemate koh sa HuEspresso!! Proud of you❤”

Another netizen gave kudos to Camolista for his golden heart and returned the money which was P175,000. The netizen said Camolista should set an example for politicians who steals money despite already being rich.

God well done jhony sa kantidad nga 175,000k nga taxi driver ka may bulawanon ka nga tagipuson gn balik mo ang kwarta ,isa ikw ka ihemplo sa mga politiko sa iban sa ila ma ngawti pa bisan damo na kwarrrta !!

This netizen hailed the cabbie for showing no interest in keeping the money no matter how hard his life was and returned the money to the owner.

I salute you manong👏🏻Amo nani ang kapigaduhon sng pangabuhi subong pero napinsaran mo gd nga mauli ang indi para saimo. Wow👏🏻tani tanan bisan indi taxi driver kon amo ni ka honest klase tawo gina Bless gid ni Lord. Godbless saimo manong driver.

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Source: Bombo Radyo Bacolod

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