How a Mocha supporter sends Jasmine Curtis Smith to retreat mode after questioning Mocha’s track record on Twitter

After Mariel de Leon, another mediocre celebrity wanted her 15 minutes of fame by questioning Mocha Uson’s appointment on Twitter.

Jasmine Curtis Smith, younger sister of Anne Curtis questioned Mocha Uson’s track record on Twitter.




But the track record……….

Jasmine’s tweet elicited mixed reactions in the Twitterdom; some tweeted to show their support for speaking up while the rest defended Mocha and her appointment.

Coños of Manila tweeted:

To which the TV 5 talent replied:

Chenelyn Mercado thanked Jasmine for speaking up.

One netizen defended Mocha Uson saying Mocha has found God and already moved on from her past.

Jasmine Curtis replied that Mocha needs to prove her worth…

Another Mocha supporter joined the conversation and tweeted that it’s not about track record and diplomas but what she has done for the country.

Jasmine told YoJ perhaps she has a different understanding of the word “track record”. The former told YoJ that it was her who said that Mocha Uson has no “track record”.

Meanwhile, netizen Elysa Bactol‏ hoped Mocha Uson were a Civil Service passer.

In response to Jasmine tweet that Mocha Uson has no track record, netizen Trix has this to say.

But here are the tweets that sent Jasmine Curtis on the retreat path.

What say you?

Source: Twitter


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