How critics badly misquoted Duterte on why he won’t go to war with China statement and exploded in their faces

It is no longer surprising when critics put the people they hate in a bad light.

President-elect Duterte is loved by millions and obviously hated by the supporters of his political enemies. This is normal in Philippine politics.

However, when critics are spreading lies and misquoting him to erode his support, Duterte’s supporters can’t help but laugh when they fall flat on their faces.

The recent status post from the Philippines Defense Forces Forum, a Facebook page highly critical of President-elect Duterte is one of the few examples proving this point. Sadly, netizens took the bait hook, line and sinker.

Let me direct your attention to the status post on Philippines Defense Forces Forum page, allegedly an excerpt from the speech of President-elect Duterte while speaking at “Sulong Pilipinas” business meeting in Davao City aired live at PTV 4.

Fighter jets are good only for ceremonial fly-bys. I’m not in favor of building up external defense, I will not go to war with China.

The alleged controversial statement from President-elect Duterte is the perfect bait for the haters to flood the status post of PDFF with adverse comments against President-elect Duterte.

Here’s a sampling of the comments against President Duterte:

Marvin Jay Bequillo wrote:

Ceremonial flyby? So pag need ng high altitude interception or high jacking interception…ceremonial yun? :v #changescamming

anyway, I bet this guy don’t understand the purpose of having fighter/interceptor planes. It’s ideal for escort and national security. Hirap kasi sa mga pinoy hindi preventive mag isip, saka lang kikilos pag either nakaranas na ng masama or andyan na yung problema. Kulang sa planning.

Even countries who don’t go into war do have fighter planes and modern weaponry. Why? Because you’ll never know when someone will stab you in the back.

Clyde Vincent Casipong Tingel wrote:

Too late. Rody Duterte’s father made a mistake. He did not use contraceptives. As did his 16 million voters. Dumami tuloy ang mga bobo.

Nomokz F Genman wrote:

What dutertards can say about this .. Are they still willing do defend DUDIRTY and forget out AFP ambitions against external threats ?

ristan A. Catindig wrote:

I caught this part of his talk this afternoon and could only shake my head at his utter stupidity and indiscreet statement. No sensible leader of any nation will announce publicly that he does not favor “building up [his country’s] “external defense”, much less assert that he “will not go to war with China.” This does not help him or his forthcoming administration. Instead, it bolsters the talk going around that the Chinese paid him oodles of money to be “friendlier” to them.

Gilbert Ferraris wrote:

Nobody is asking you to go to war with China, What you are asked is to Uphold and Defend Philippine territory!

However, the video shared recently by Mocha Uson Blog proves otherwise.

Once again, critics make it a point to put a spin to whatever statement that comes out of President-elect Duterte and use it in spreading false propaganda against him.


Marami nanamang naglabasan na HATE statement sa mga FB Page na against kay Pres. Duterte dahil ayaw DAW ni Pres. DUTERTE ng AFP modernization. Ang sinasabi ni Pres. Duterte ay hindi tayo pwedeng makipag-giyera sa CHINA na gamit lamang ang 2 FA-50 JETS. Init na init ang Amerika na makipaglaban tayo sa CHINA. Pero sabi nga ni Pres. Duterte, bakit tayo maniniwala sa Amerika na makipag-giyera sa China tapos ang battleground ay Palawan? Ayaw ni Pres. Duterte ang GIYERA dahil alam niya na maraming mamamatay na mga Pilipino.
At kung papanoorin ninyo ng mabuti ang video ang sinasabi niya ay kesa sa sobrang mamahalin na JET ang binili na ginagamit lang pang DISPLAY dapat ang binili na lang ay chopper, speed boat at night vision goggles para sana nahabol pa yung kidnapping sa Davao del norte. Sa madaling salita HINDI TINUTUTULAN NI PRES. DUTERTE ANG AFP MODERNIZATION na sinasabi ng mga BITTER FB PAGE. Ang sinasabi niya ay ang PRIORITY dapat ay ang insurgence at hindi kailangan dito ang FA-50 JETS. Tulad na lang ngayon, ito ay display na lamang. Ikalat natin ito mga ka-DDS dahil ang mga ibang MEDIA na naman ay nagpapakalat ng maling balita.

Posted by MOCHA USON BLOG on Tuesday, June 21, 2016

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