How Dinky Soliman got owned on Facebook after accusing the Duterte admin of selective justice!

A former Cabinet official took her gripes to Facebook & slammed the current administration for terminating some of her former colleagues in the department.

In a Facebook post, former DSWD Secretary Dinky Soliman decried the dismissal of former colleagues associated with her and at the same time accused the current administration of selective justice.

My heart is heavy…some of my former colleagues in DSWD (MOA workers) are being terminated for loss of confidence and trust by the current leadership…Is is because they are associated with me, they cannot be trusted despite their outstanding and very satisfactory ratings on their performance contracts? Is this fair? Is this just? where are those who shout for rights of MOA workers? is power consuming the ideals of fairness, workers right to due process? When the test for fairness and just cause is implemented, I think there is failure in the current situation. So where is SWEAP? In the end could it be selective justice?

Facebook user Jing Nazareno provided the fitting rebuttal to the accusation of former DSWD Secretary Soliman by turning the tables around via the comment thread that read:

Madam Sec diba maraming ganyan rin sa time ninyo? Why only now cry for injustice? Marami kaming narinig na sinibak dahil sa politics. Noong MOA ang katramihan sa pantawid atbp program tanging SWEAP alng ang nakidalamhait sa mga tao kahit mga permanenteng kawani nagsawalang kibo dahil hindi sila apektado. Ilang taon na ba ang lumipas na naging pipi at bibgi ang departamento sa welfare ng kawani nito? Kaya nga marami ang nagkkwento ngayon na “Mabuti pa nga si Manay Judy ngayon pantay ang nais na benipisyo para sa lahat. Pagka upo sineguro na ang mga MOA ay may CNA.” Kaya di nyo rin ho masisisi ang mga tao kung palagay sila sa administrasyon ngayon dahil nakaramdam sila ng pagmamahal. Salamat po.

Ms. Nazareno’s references to the MOA and CNA (collective negotiation agreement) can be found in an article posted by BULATLAT.COM on August 27, 2016. Check it here.

Based on the description she provided on her Facebook account, Ms. Jing Nazareno is connected with the government but she did not mention what department she is affiliated to.

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Source: Renato Reyes Jr.

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