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“How do you define a President?” Duterte quizzed Pia of Rappler after questioning Duterte acting as marriage counselor of Bautistas

Duterte versus Pia Ranada

Duterte versus Pia Ranada

A video of Duterte answering to the probing questions of Pia Ranada of Rappler regarding his role as the marriage counselor of the estranged Bautista couple circulates online.

Duterte, in his usual self, proved too much for the young reporter who attempted to pin down Duterte and put political color to Duterte trying to act as the marriage counselor’s of the Bautista’s in light of the electoral protest of an ally.

Sir, if you weren’t keen in meddling the affair, why did you call COMELEC Chair Bautista and Tisha Bautista to Malacanang again to talk about this issue?

Duterte replied: I was not meddling. I asked him to fix his quarrel with the wife. That’s the thing I could do as a lawyer. Sabi ko tawagin mo yan sa Bautista kasi may nagreklamo sa kanya. That is the work of everybody like pagka-Mayor na sanay ako niyan. Sumbongan ako ng asawa mo, gaya ikaw, pointing to somebody, pera sa iyo lang pera niya pati ikaw kasali. Mmm, kaya you, you talk to your wife. Sabi ko that is a very serious case. She is a alleging ganun, ganun…Ahh, ayaw ko while waving his hand signifying he does not agree with their behavior.

Pia; Sir what woulod you say to comments of some people that this meeting between you and Tisha Bautista was politically motivated that was meant to throw mistrust into the election last year, especially since there is an electoral protest?

Duterte: Ay ako di nakiaalam. I cannot help but listen to people who have complaints against anybody.

Pia: Sir, you also instructed…not sure what she said…to investigate into this whole affair?

Duterte: No, I did not. Sabi ko give it to somebody else. I am not into the habit of investigating or prosecuting people from the other side of the fence. Ano ka man sige ka balik-balik diyan. Sabi ko na hindi ako interesado kasi ayaw ko yan. Sabi ko kausapn mo yung asawa andiyan lang sa kabilang kwarto. When I was informed I went out of my room. Sabi ko may reklamo yang babae sa iyo. Sabi pera, sabi ko “No, no, no! Spare me. I don’t want to be involved with money, money at kung anu-ano.”

Pia: Sir, given that, why did you entertain them in Malacanang if you weren’t interested in the issue?

Duterte: “Why should I not be interested in anybody’s complaint? How do you define a president?”

Pia: “Sir I am just asking you why entertain them?”

Duterte: You have to define me and my work. What is my work? To listen to everybody, including you if we have a problem with your husband. Huhuhu. Bakit ba ako lalo na ako na sabi asawa raw ni Bautista. Eh alam ko asawa ni Bautista ay COMELEC Chairman. Why should I not? Ano bang alam ko ano bang sabihin nya sa akin. When she started to spew out, to talk about ganun, naghiwalay na sila dahil sa lalaki, babae punta ka doon sa, look for somebody. Sabi ko the least I can do for you, I will call your husband mag-usap kayo dito. So pagdating sabi ko mag-usap. Tapos sabi ko ako areglo, wala? Wala areglo kaya uwi sila. Uhmm galug-galug kaagad. Let it be recorded that Pia waving with a thumbs up. Kung balita nga yan sa (Rappler) baliktad, motioning a thumb down, babaliin ko talaga yung daliri mo, drawing laughter from someone in the background.

Watch the video now.

Pia strikes again. Supalpal na naman.

Posted by Happy Photography on Monday, August 7, 2017

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