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How Gen. Bato kicks the butts of OtsoDiretso bets in CNN Phils-hosted debate on topics like war on drugs, Spratly issues

Two videos, one showing Gen. Bato dela Rosa kicking the butts of OtsoDiretso bets, on the debate on war on drugs and the other on the Spratly issue eliciting wild cheers from Pinoy netizens.

The video started wherein the Pink Webb, the CNN Philippines TV host, who also hosted the debate of senatorial bets, asked Gen. Bato the question, “where are we now in the war on drugs?”

Gen. Bato frankly said told Pinky Webb the country has a long way to go before claiming a total victory in the war on drugs, which is a drug-free Philippines.

But when compared to the previous administrations, Gen. Bato defended that the country under the Duterte admin has achieved a lot.

The huge difference Gen. Bato said the country under the Duterte admin is that illegal drugs (shabu or crystal meth) is now now imported from China. In the past, these were locally manufactured. But when the Duterte admin assumed power, they destroyed all the shabu laboratories in the country.

When Pinky Webb sought Gen, Bato’s clarification on the blocks of cocaine surfacing in the seas, in the local market, the former General begged Pinky not to lump it up with the issue on shabu.

The former General said, we cannot make a conclusion on the origins of the blocks of cocaine until an exhaustive investigation is conducted on the matter.

When Pinky Webb wanted to highlight Gen. Bato’s statement that we still have a long way to go in the war on drugs, Gen. Bato said, the only we can put an end to the illegal drug trade is to re-impose death penalty on drug traffickers.

When OtsoDiretso bet Chel Diokno was asked the same question, “where are we now in the war drugs”, the college of law dean says, “Kalokohan po yang death penalty na yan.”

Pinky Webb quickly slammed the brakes on Diokno, telling him to talk about his assessment on the war on drugs of the Duterte admin.

Diokno, now properly guided, went on to make a monologue about what’s wrong with Duterte’s war on drugs and belittling Gen. Bato’s proposal to re-impose death penalty to put an end or discourage drug traffickers from flooding the Philippines with illegal drugs.

If we want to stop the war on drugs, then we need to make sure, certain that those who are doing this gets punished. The big problem is ang tinitira nila ang yung mga maliliit na pushers, ang tinitira nila puro mga mahihirap (hitting small-time pushers and the poor), nasaan ang mga drug lords? Ito ang tanong ko, “Drugs cannot operate inside this country, unless it is organized, alam natin na pumapasok dito ang mga cartel, ma-identify natin yan, dahil di gagalaw ang droga, kung di rin gumlaw ang pera. Nasaan ang AMLA, nasaan ang mga ahensya ng ating pamahalaan, bakit di nila buksan ang mga account ng mga drug lords na yan? Alam nila ng ating pamahalaan kung sino ang mga ito. Ang totoo takot, di nila kayang labanan ang mga drug lord na yan. Yang tinitira purong mga mahihirap lang.”

Gen. Bato responded to Diokno’s criticism in a brief and concise manner, eliciting a dry smile from the human rights lawyer.

Dapat kasi bago kayo sumawsaw sa war on drugs, alamin nyo muna ang istraktura ng drug syndicate. Ang istraktura ng drug syndicate ay pyramidal. Pyramid na ang sa dulo, kukunti lang ang mga drug lords. Mas marami ang mga nasa baba na mahirap. If you wage a war on drugs, you cannot be selective in the implementation of justice. Hindi mo pwede sabihin na, “Hindi natin tabahuin yan dahil mahirap lang yan. Unahin natin mayaman. Di natin pwede sabihin na unahin natin mayayaman, mamaya na ang mga mahihirap. Pag sinabi mo na war on drugs, ratsada ang lahat.”

At this juncture, Macalintal decided to run to the rescue of a defeated Diokno and attacked Gen. Bato’s remarked that Duterte’s war on drugs has make a significant dent on the resolution of the country’s drug problem.

“Ako ang sinabi ni Gen.Bato na malayo na tayo (narating) sa resolution of war on drugs, kawawa naman ang mga namatay na mahigit sa sampung libo na ang pinatay, biktima ng EJK, kung malayo pa tayo upang masugpo ang war on drugs na ito, ilang ibo pa ang dapat patayin, para masugpo iyan. Yan ba ang kinakailangan natin? Tapos sasabihin, kailangan natin ng death penalty?”

Listen how Gen. Bato makes a lawyer like Macalintal’s caliber retreats

Doon lang kayo nakatutok, naawa lang kayo sa mga namatay na drug pusher. Hindi nyo tinitingnan kung ilan ang mga naging biktima ng mga pusher na ito, mga inosenteng mga bata, mga ni-rape, mga batang pinatay, ni-rob ng mga taong ito, hindi nyo binibilang. Doon lang kayo nakabilang sa mga masasama na namamatay.

Samira Gutoc also joined the fray, criticizing also the war on drugs. For example, the Duterte government is focused on killing before prevention while forgetting to allot budget for BADAC or the barangay level prevention.

Gen. Bato replied that it is easy to say this and that because you are not in the frontline facing these drug-crazed addicts. Bato asked Gutoc, if you were the police who exchange bullets with these addicts, how would you feel?

Bato argued that the police fires back because of self-preservation instinct and that is to defend oneself. You can’t tell the drug-crazed addict, “Hey, we can have war on drugs without killing each other. Bato asked what kind of thinking is that? Do you (police) want to die and let the addict shoot you? Bato this is not acceptable. The law should be enforced. Bato reckoned that if Pres. Duterte did not launch the war on drugs, perhaps the young people today are walking zombies.”

You may watch the video below.

Meanwhile, on the WPS issue, Bato scored a victory over critics who criticized PRRD for not evicting the Chinese in the Spratlys.

Bato asked, who was the admin when the Chinese started coming to the Spratly? Who was the admin when the Chinese started building their military bases in the Spratlys? Gen. Bato said that all these happened under the administrations of the partymates of the OtsoDiretso.

Gen. Bato lamented why blame PRRD when it was the time of PNoy when the Chinese started coming in the Spratlys and the audience can be heard boisterously applauding to Bato’s, signifying their approval of the former general’s argument.

Gen. Bato also scored on the OtsoDiretso bets, who carry themselves like they are the only patriotic Filipinos, while looking down Duterte and the rest of the Hugpong candidates as unpatriotics.

On that note, Gen. Bato dared everyone who wants to join him, he will give them guns and bullets and they will attack the Chinese in the Spratlys.

The video ended to a loud cheers from the audience as Gen. Bato wrapped up his statement to silence critics of Duterte and his non-confrontational approach to Chinese incursions in WPS.

You may watch the video now.

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