How Maria Ozawa’s innocent reply to Jim Paredes comment on instagram leaves the singer highly embarrassed!

Former Apo Hiking Society singer Jim Paredes is a known critic of President Duterte on social media.

If Jim is not busy attacking the President and the government, he is stalking Maria Ozawa on instagram.

Recently, Maria Ozawa visited Quezon province to attend Sariaya’s Agawan Festival.

Like any social media users, Ozawa had her photo taken while leaning against an American SUV before she was whisked to attend the festival. Check the photo below.

Credits to Maria Ozawa for the photo.

As I’ve said, Jim Paredes is a Maria Ozawa fan and when he saw this photo on instagram, he was among the first to make a comment of Ozawa’s photo.

Malicious or not, Paredes asked Ozawa: “Which Congressman’s car is that?”

The car’s plate number told Jim Paredes that car’s owner was a congressman so thinking that he was into something explosive he could use against the government, the retired singer asked Ozawa anyway, not knowing he was in for a big surprise.

Check out Ozawa’s reply below that rendered the former APO Hiking Society singer speechless.

Credits to photo owner.

Realizing that he was caught red-faced, Jim Paredes quickly disappeared.

That did not stop netizens from making him the object of ridicule on social media though.

Mark Lopez, a known Duterte social media blogger couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make netizens laugh at the expense of Jim Paredes via a Facebook post.

Lopez writes:


While browsing Instagram, spotted Maria Ozawa post…

Noticed that Jim Paredes and I are both fans of MO.

Tapos saw Jim’s comment re the SUV which served as the backdrop of MO’s model pose…

Jim: “Which congressman’s car is that?”

Maria: @jimparedes Sir Alcala 😊 do you know him?”

Jim: *cricket sound 😂😂😂


PS – The incumbent congressman of Quezon Province (2nd district) is Vicente Alcala, brother of controversial former Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, and Liberal Party stalwart Proceso Alcala…

Krizette Laureta Chu, another pro-Duterte social media blogger joined the ribbing of Paredes on Facebook.

Chu writes:

LOL. Jim Paredes is suddenly rendered speechless. Nagtatanong pa kasi, eh yung mahilig lang naman sa gaudy display of wealth ang mga Congressmen na kaalyado ninyo ano.

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