How SPO3 Lascanas of Davao City Police slay Trillanes in the resumption of senate hearing on EJK’s!

Previously, Edgar Matobato accused SP03 Arthur Lascañas as the alleged leader of the notorious Davao Death Squad among other things.

During the resumption of the senate hearing on extra-judicial killings, SPO3 Lascanas belied all the accusations labeled against him by de Lima’s star witness which netizens described as “credible.”

The first order of the day for Senator Antonio Trillanes was to corroborate the series of claims made by Edgar Matobato in the beginning of the senate hearing on EJK’s, one of which is his closeness with SP03 Arthur Lascanas. The two are so close that SPO3 Lascanas would invite Matobato to the former’s birthday party.

However, SPO3 Lascanas’ proved to be a tough nut to crack for Senator Trillanes as he maintained his composure and insist that his good relationship with Matobato was nothing more than repaying one’s debt of gratitude to the man who brought him good fortune as a land broker.

But the highlight of the SPO3 Lascanas testimony was when Senator Trillanes tried to pin him down with the watch SPO3 Lascanas gave to Matobato as a birthday gift and the former responded with another one-liner that brought the house down that reads:

Kung relo ang basehan ng credibility ng isang tao Sen. Trillanes mukha pong may problema tayo diyan!

Undeterred by SPO3 Lascanas witty reply, Trillanes pushed forward by trying to intimidate the former by insinuating that the former is lying about giving Matobato his old watch by stating that the receipt and the watch could prove it otherwise.

SPO3 Lascanas stood his ground and quipped the famous line that made it to prime time evening news that reads:

Wala pang libro sa law na nagbabase sa relo as test of credibility.

On the accusation that he tortured Edgar Matobato in 2014, SPO3 Lascanas flatly denied the accusation.

When asked why his name kept resurfacing in Matobato’s senate testimony, he said it’s because of politics.


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