“How very motherly for the senator to be defending the communists in not calling them reds!” — Netizen on Senator Grace Poe

“Reckless? When they are members of the CPP-NPA-NDF themselves? That’s reckless?!”

An obviously bewildered netizen named Edwin Jamora, a known Duterte supporter on social media, reacted upon reading Senator Grace Poe’s statement with regards to red-tagging.

Jamora implored Senator Poe to explain to him if reckless tagging is the same us calling Duterte supporters like him trolls or paid hacks?

“Reckless tagging is the same as calling us trolls, and paid hacks?”

If the senator answers in the affirmative, Jamora wonders why the heck he is not getting the same spirited defense from the senator?

“How come we’re not getting senatorial protection from Grace Poe?”

Jamora, in a sarcastic tone, praised Senator Poe for the motherly love she showered to the communists in the Philippines and fore refusing to be drag in the red-tagging game.

“How very motherly for the senator to be defending the communists in not calling them reds! How sweet that is for the reds!”

Jamora turned serious and asked netizens if they agree with him that Poe would be more adorable if she started protecting the missing teens whom their mothers reported to have joined the Left-affiliated organizations before they show up dead in encounters with the military?

“Well, wouldn’t it be more adorable if she would protect the missing teens that would show up dead in the encounters?”

Jamora could only asked these titillating questions in light of the senator’s apathy for missing teens and over-protecting attitude for what she called victims of “tagging”.

“How come that’s not even on the agenda of the senator?! What am I missing here mga friends?!”

Jamora ended the FB post with his signature one-word line.


On Jamora’s last two questions regarding Senator Poe’s lack of interest in protecting the “missing teens” believed to have been lured to joining Anakbayan and other leftist organizations, netizens generously offered their personal take on the issue.

One netizen commented that the senator owed a huge favor from the Communist bloc in the last 2016 election.

“Poe was endorsed in the Presidential Elections 2016 by the HOR Communist Block and other front organizations of the CPP/NPA/NDF.”

Another netizen echoed the sentiment of the above commenter. “Kasi sinuportahan sya nung eleksyon kaya wag basta basta i tag…tanong pa ntn kay ka Ivy hehehe”

This netizen remarked she is not surprised because that’s Poe’s style. “Style ni poh , is all about votes -mileage , no more , no less ..as the reds gives poh the high five !… 🥴


Source: Edwin Jamora

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