“Hoy, singing na tawag mo diyan?!” —Lawyer’s response to Kakie Pangilinan’s plea to critics to stop harsh criticism on her singing voice

Kakie Pangilinan, Kiko and Sharon’s daughter was livid after finding out that netizens, especially her critics, are attacking her singing and writing on social media.

Kiko’s daughter asked critics if they have heard her sing or read her writing? Otherwise, they’d rather shut up before they ruin what she loves the most – singing!

Atty. Nick Nañgit of the FB page bearing his name took to Facebook telling Kakie Pangilinan to shut up and stop complaining because as a public figure, criticism is part of the job.

But before that, Atty. Nick began by undermining or questioning Kakie Pangilinan’s believe that she can sing.

“Sing???” Atty. Nick asked.

“Hoy, singing na tawag mo diyan?! Iba tawag namin!” Atty. Nick added.

On Kakie Pangilinan telling critics to “Shut up???”

Atty. Nick replied by asking Kakie Pangilinan who is she to make such demands. He went on to remind Kiko’s daughter that when she joined the showbiz industry, she should have been prepared to receive criticism. Otherwise, she better shut up.

“Hu u? Kung pinapasok mo ang industriyang yan, dapat handa ka sa batikos! Kung ayaw mo ng batikos, ikaw ang mag SHÜT ÜP!”

Meanwhile, On Kakie Pangilinan’s apprehension that continued criticism may ruin her passion for singing, Atty. Nick asked:

“Love most???”

Atty. Nick took a jab at Kakie Pangilinan’s talent for singing by using a familiar joke among Filipinos that not all whose love for singing are reciprocated.

“May mga taong labs nga ang pagkanta, pero HINDI naman sila labs ng kanta, gets mo?!”

Atty. Nick ended the FB post by leaving Kakie Pangilinan with some words of advice for her to chew on. Otherwise, she can forget her quest for a singing career.

“PS. Ang totoong musikero ay pagbubutihin ang kanyang ginagawa, para tanggapin ito ng publiko. Kung ayaw mong pagbutihin at hurt ka, pwes dun ka na lang sa Room, ano nga palang number nun???”

Atty. Nick’s FB followers took the cue and joined the fray, leaving unflattering remarks on Kakie Pangilinan’s singing.

“Yes we heard u sing! And its horrible! Yes we read your pieces. They were constantly propagated by yellow MSM. And they are tasteless and stupid! U even deleted a tweet after u were exposed as judgemental and the affected parties are your fellow wokes! Thanks but no thanks! G@ga!”

Another netizen echoed the sentiment of Atty. Nick.

“I’ve heard and watched her sing and not only is she as tone deaf as I am but her facial expression looks so constipated. Her speaking voice might be what boy abunda liked but not her singing voice for sure. I’ve never seen a singer who looks so unattractive whilst singing. My father told me from a very young age that I am not and will never be a singer! Parents have to be honest with their kids. Promote and encourage the natural talent of your kids but don’t encourage the obvious absence of talent.”

Sing??? Hoy, singing na tawag mo diyan?! Iba tawag namin! Shut up??? Hu u? Kung pinapasok mo ang industriyang yan,…

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