Hugpong Pagbabago or OtsoDiretso? Netizen makes strong case why Filipinos go for Hugpong, not OtsoDiretso in viral post

Netizen MJ Quiambao Reyes makes a strong case on Facebook why Filipinos eligible to vote today will go for the administration bets.

Reyes provided 31 leading questions to help voters decide whom to vote between the administration and opposition bets.

Basically, Reyes highlighted the advantages and disadvantages when voting for or against the administration bets.

First and foremost, Reyes asked voters if they want the politicians who are known to be corrupt/thieves (DAP, PDAF, MRT scam, Dengvaxia etc.) to make a comeback.

Reyes asked if the taxpayers want these corrupt politicians to once again collect millions of salaries and allowances from the taxpayers’ money and literally give them the key to our public funds thus sinking the country down in more debts.

In a apparent jabs at the previous admin, Reyes asked voters if they want the 1.2 million+/- surrenderees to return to their old ways so that demand of shabu in the market will bounce stronger? And release the ang 52,000 +/- arrested drug personalities from our jails and resume selling illegal drugs?

On one hand, Reyes asked if the public wants to discontinue Free Tertiary Education so that poor Filipinos won’t have access to college education and remain illiterate?

Reyes also asked if the public wants to discontinue Universal Health Care and return to the old practice wherein Filipinos who needs medical assistance beg for assistance from politicians?

Here’s the screenshot of the 31 thought-provoking questions prepared by MJ Reyes to serve as a voters’ guide. You may click the link here to read the full FB post.

Reyes remarked that if the public wants their children and grandchildren to continue living with their hellish continue, then they should go ahead and elect politicians who made their lives miserable in the past.

Otherwise, if they have seen and felt the positive changes under the incumbent administration, Reyes remarked they should vote for sensible candidates.

Kung talagang gusto nyong maranasan ng mga anak at apo nyo ang impyerno, then go ahead, ibalik nyo at iboto ang mga demonyo! Kung yan ang nais nyo, sige iboto nyo ang mga gagong kaalyado ng mga dati ng nagpahirap sa ating bayan. Iboto nyo ang mga wala ng ginawa kundi kumontra at manira.

Ngayon, kung isa kayo sa tulad ko’ng nakakakita na ng pagbabago, bumoto at suportahan po natin ang mga matitinong kandidato. At pag sila na ay nahalal, bantayan at ipaalala sa kanila ang mga binitiwang pangako.

Sama sama. Tulong tulong po tayo para sa tunay at tuloy tuloy na pagbabago.

As of this writing, Reyes’ FB post has gathered 2,800+ shares, 3,000+ reactions and 400+ comments.

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