Huli ka! Admin of website where Bikoy’s “Ang Totoong Narcolist” videos first appeared exposed!

Possibly the crucial link in revealing the identity of the unnamed informant in the “Bikoy’s” “Ang Totoong Narcolist” four-video episode, the admin of the website that posted the controversial videos has been unmasked.

Thanks to the top-level investigative skill of Sass Rogando Sasot, an international relations expert, blogger, newspaper columnist for finding the identity of the individual behind the website

You see knowing who was behind is an important key in unlocking the identity of the whistleblower ‘Bikoy’.

In case you just opened Facebook, ‘Bikoy’ was the anonymous whistleblower who said that members of the first family were receiving payouts from an anonymous drug syndicate in the said video.

Sasot credited Dante Ang, owner of Manila Times and columnist Bobi Tiglao for exposing as the first website to circulate “Ang Totoong Narcolist” video.

However, Ang and Tiglao did not dig deeper to identify the admin of

Sasot promised in the column, she will fill the gap.

To do that, Sasot looked at the html code of website and voila, she found the adsense code of the (9287075011637877) that made the job easier to identity the website admin.

In case you don’t know, an adsense ID is a unique identifier Google assigns to publishers. This can be publicly seen on the source code of every website. And there are online tools available to trace which other websites — past and present — used that code, Sasot wrote.

With the help of her readers, Sasot was able to trace the owner of using the Google adsense ID to other websites owned by the admin of the said news website.

Turned out, the domain registrant of, another online version of was Rodel Jayme.

Allegedly the man in the pic with Leni Robredo is Rodel Jayme.

Sass discovered Jayme’s identity with the help of WHOXY, an online tool that reveals the domain registration records of websites.

Anyway, finding Rodel Jayme’s name in the anti-Duterte video isn’t surprising.

According to Sasot, Jayme was one of the volunteers of the Mar Roxas-Leni Robredo 2016 campaign. “Have you met someone who purely dedicated all his time to campaigning for Mar Roxas?” introduced his profile in the blog Volunteers Behind Mar and Leni (

Jayme was also mentioned as of the admins of the Facebook page “The Aquino Legacy”, which was created to support obviously, the Aquino family.

To know more about Sass Rogando Sasot’s about and “Bikoy”, please click the link here.

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Source: Sass Rogando Sasot

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