Hundreds of bees swarming in Ortigas skyline evokes doomsday scenario in social media. Watch!

Before a strong quake hit Surigao, a couple of huge deep sea creatures were caught by Mindanao fishermen and posted on Facebook.

Today, an amateur video posted by Gabz Laurel showing a swarm of video in the Ortigas skyline evokes different reactions among city dwellers who don’t see this natural phenomenon in the urban setting until today.

Some believes that this phenomenon could be a sign that a calamity is coming.

Mark Gabad commented: “I knew it. The end is near guys.”

Edwin Lai warned: “Stop joking baka its a sign of the BIG ONE…. just be alert and stay safe.”

Cheryl Lim remarked: “Puro kayo biro kala nyo fake yan? Mgdasal n po tayo dahil may papalapit na delubyo! Totoo yan mismo friend ko n nsa ortigas sinabi nya may ganyan.”

Mhenn Santiago said: “Naku fish sa visayas tapos insect dito something really coming up”

Kristenn Cu Lauresta commented: “Creepy babe. The Big One premonitions.”

Ford Pee Jay urged netizens to read this Bible passage: “Revelation 9:3 plz read”

But some does not believe in doomsday talk.

Darren Mendez wrote: TANGINA ang OA na ng mga tao. Lahat nalang may meaning. Hahahahaha tangina niyo normal lang yan. Search search din kasi mga puta. Di yan kababalaghan walang meaning yan, walang mangyayari sa mundo, hindi pa doomsday.

Toyix BRonxe Udtohan remarked: “Nasobrahan brader lahat nalang may meaning!. ..bweset!”

As of this writing, the video has gathered 153,000 views, 1,744 reactions and 2,574 comments.

Eto p oh. Different angle.
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Posted by Gabz Laurel on Tuesday, February 28, 2017

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