Hunt for the new suspect of the fallen biker now on. Suspect’s photo gone viral!

Now that Nestor Punzalan is no longer the person of interest by the police for the murder of the biker, the police is now pursuing another suspect.

Netizens sympathetic to the fallen biker are now actively urging the public to share the photos purportedly belonging to the new suspect identified as Vhon Tanto aka Skyton Tonsky.

The suspect’s identity has been established by the police as reported by the page Filipino Community.

The Philippine Star also mentioned Vhon Tanto as the new person of interest in the murder of the biker. Check the link here.

The new suspect is an Army personnel if judging by his photos wearing a military camouflage.

Kindly compare the blow-up image of the suspect taken from the actual video and that of Vhon Tanto if it possesses a striking resemblance.

Meanwhile, the first individual wrongly accused as the gunman successfully convinced the police that the netizens got their information all mixed up. Poor Nestor, he was subjected to brutal harassment due to some irresponsible netizens!

The result of the medico-legal examination conducted by the authorities further strengthened Mr. Punzalan’s story that he is not the gunman.

Some netizens sided with Mr. Punzalan’s story and wrote their observations by commenting the thread related to the story.

Bobby Bondoc wrote:

At pansinin niyo yung video between 1:52 – 2:01. Yung driver ay nagpupunas ng mukha niya. Malamang nasugatan at dumudugo. Yung suspect na nag appear sa nbi walang kagalos galos.

Vastian Pio Roda wrote:

At pansin ko po sa gulong ng kotche. Sa nakita ko sa picture sa kotche ni Punzalan ay stock rims lang ang nakalagay. Pero yung kotche sa video ay mukhang iba na ang rims neto.

On top of that, the conduction sticker of the Hyundai Eon owned by Mr. Punzalan did not match the conduction sticker reported by the murder witness to the police, which was M03745.

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