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Huwag araw-arawin iyong pagiging tolongges Yorme — Jay Sonza to Mayor Isko Moreno amid debate who owns “Lilipad na ang Agila” slogan

An open letter from retired broadcaster Jay Sonza addressed to Manila Mayor Isko Moreno following the brouhaha started by the supporters of Isko who attempted to create a buzz online by stealing Sara Duterte groups’ “Lilipad na ang Agila” slogan.

Sonza wrote the open letter urging the Manila Mayor to tell his supporters to think a lot more and not just copy the slogan from the supporters of Mayor Sara Duterte.

Sonza cited a couple of groups like Run Sara Run using the “Lilipad na ang Agila” slogan since 2020. Run Sara Run is one of the groups urging Mayor Sara to run for President in 2022 polls.

Otherwise, Sonza accused the supporters of Mayor Isko of riding on the popularity of the Sara Duterte to fool the public.

Sonza jogged the memory of Mayor Isko and his supporters who was the original Agila ng Maynila and who borrowed it for his campaign slogan when that politician ran for Mayor of Manila.

Sonza can’t help but call the Mayor Isko’s political operator or think tank “stupid”.

Sonza ended the open letter by leaving a word of advice to Mayor Isko: “HUwag araw-arawin iyong pagiging tolongges yorme. “

You may read the original FB post below now.

Manila City Mayor Francisco Dumagoso,

Pakisabi sa mga tao mo, mag-isip ng todo. Poor copy cat sa “Lilipad na ang Agila” which the supporters of Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte have been using since October, 2020 pa.

In fact, iyong Run Sara Run, ISDA, Sara All, Jaya’s Kitchen at iba pang support group ay gamit na logo iyong Agila since day one when RSR was launch in Nabunturan, Davao de Oro, as early as September, 2020.

O pilit ninyong sinasakyan iyong sobra-sobrang popujlarity ni Sara Duterte para malansi at mailigaw ang mga tao.

Ang original na “Agila ng Maynila” ay si police Capt. Joe Pring ng Manila’s Finest. Ginamit naman ni Gen. Alfredo Lim bilang campaign slogan noong una siyang tumakbong mayor ng Maynila.

Ang tatanga ng political think tank mo Isko.

Heto ang sample ng latest group of Sara Duterte supporters.

HUwag araw-arawin iyong pagiging tolongges yorme.

As of this writing, Sonza’s open letter has generated 2,500+ reactions, 198 comments and 135 shares in just 2 hours and counting.


Source: Jay Sonza

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