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“Huwag masyado demanding sa testing.” — Lady Physician to showbiz personalities demanding “mass testing”

In light of the latest surge of c*vid cases in the country, some showbiz personalities are making noise, apparently to get the attention of netizens, demanding from the Duterte government to intensify/increase mass testing in the Philippines for c0vid.

Dr. Ethel Pineda, a physician and dermatologist have something to say on the issue.

The good doctor began by saying that she wants to think what is the value of random testing.

She said that if someone is negative today of the virus it is not unlikely that someone will get infected the next day? She asked if they want the government to repeat the process, test everyone after 5 days?

Dr. Pineda compared the “mass testing” demand of the showbiz personalities to that of catching a fish. For example, if the person turns out negative after getting tested, he or she must be returned to the ocean and rejoin the rest of the fishes rather population who are positive but yet to get tested.

The good doctor argued that testing is only meaningful when it is targeted. Meaning, testing only those who were in contacts with the positive.

Dr. Pineda asked if we have contact tracing? She said that those 15K who tested positive for the virus recently, did someone or a friend of that someone receives a text or a call from the stores, banks, supermarkets etc. who required patrons to fill out contact tracing forms? Thus with QR codes? Did they receive a notification?

Dr. Pineda ended the brief FB post by telling those who are demanding for mass testing to slow down.

You may read the original FB post below.

Iniisip ko kung ano value ng random mass testing, eh.

Pag nag negative today, bukas pwedeng makasagap at ma-infect. Ano yun, testing lahat every 5 days?

Parang nanghuhuli ng isda. Pag negative ibabato ulit sa dagat para makasama ng positive.

May kabuluhan lang ang testing kung ito ay targeted. Ibig sabihin, testing ng mga contacts ng positive.

At may contact tracing ba tayo? Sa dami niyang 15k na positive na iyan nung isang araw, meron ba ni isa sa inyo o kilala niyo na tinawagan ng mga stores, bank, supermarket etc na nagpapasulat ng contact tracing forms? Yung may QR code? May nakatanggap ba ng abiso?

Huwag masyado demanding sa testing.


Source: Ethel Pineda

Iniisip ko kung ano value ng random mass testing, eh. Pag nag negative today, bukas pwedeng makasagap at ma-infect. Ano…

Posted by Ethel Pineda on Saturday, April 3, 2021
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