‘Huwag na tayong MANISI ng ibang tao o ng Gobyerno.’ – message of former ABS-CBN Desk Editor-Manager to Kapamilyas

A Facebook post from someone who introduced himself as part of the pioneering group who helped ABS-CBN rise from dormancy in 1986 after the Lopezes got it back goes viral.

‘Kabilang ako sa GRUPO na nagsimula sa ABS-CBN nang mapasakamay uli ito ng mga Lopez noong 1986.’

That someone was none other than Joey Falcon, who is now working with 8 TriMedia, a PR/Advertising company which recently expanded its horizon into broadcasting.

Moving forward, Falcon remembered that because of their collective efforts, Channel 2 and DZMM became #1 in ratings.

‘Dahil sa aming pagpupunyagi, naging no,. 1 sa ratings ang Channel 2 at DZMM.’

For this feat, they were hailed or admired as heroes of the station, particularly by the “Kapitan”, Geny Lopez.

‘Dahil dito, heroes ng station ang tingin nila sa amin, lalo na si “Kapitan” Geny Lopez.’

But that hero aura because of their great contribution to the company did not work or saved them in July 2005 as they were called one by one by management.

‘Pero noong July 2005 (wala na noon si Kapitan R. I. P.) bigla kaming ipinatawag isa-isa ng management.’

‘300 kaming REGULAR EMPLOYEES na pinag file ng resignation o early retirement,’ Falcon bitterly remembered.

‘Sinabihan kami ng umaga, kinahapuman… DONE,’ Falcon added.

Guess who was one of the people pushing for their retrenchment in the guise of cost-cutting?

‘Kasama si MARIA RESSA, sa nag push para sa aming RETRENCHMENT.
Redundant daw kami, eh kami ang nauna. At may COST CUTTING daw kaya inuna kami na matataas ang sahod.’

Falcon recounted that on that same day, they were handed with their “WALKING PAPERS” with a warning not to apply for a job to the rival company within ONE year.

‘Sa araw ding iyon may “WALKING PAPERS” na kami, with some amount of compensation, with the warning na hindi kami pwedeng mag APPLY sa ibang company within ONE YEAR.’

Falcon remarked that some of his colleagues tok their case to DOLE and the local courts but he recalled no one shouted in the streets with phrase like “PAANO NA KAMI” or no one cried like a child and no one called for a street rally for their retrenchment.

‘Yung mga may reklamo dumulog sa DOLE at sa Korte. Pero walang sumigaw ng “PAANO NA KAMI” walang “NAGLUPASAY” walang nag rally.’

Fast forward today, Falcon announced that all 300 of them are still alive. Even if they did not resort to drama and theatrics to get people’s sympathy.

‘Pero after 15 years, heto BUHAY PA RIN KAMI. Kahit hindi kami “NAGPA AWA” effect, hindi kami nag DRAMA na parang TELE NOVELA.’

Falcon ended the FB post with a message to the Kapamilyas of today.

‘Huwag na tayong MANISI ng ibang tao o ng Gobyerno.
Kasalanan ito ng mga NAGPABAYA.’

Source: Joey Falcon Radyo Patrol #6

As of this writing, Falcon’s FB post has generated more than 8,600 shares, more than 13,000 reactions and 1,000+ comments.

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