I agree with Toni! — DOTr Asec. Goddes Libiran, netizens rally behind Toni Gonzaga amid calls from wokes, Marcos critics to cancel her

Asec Goddes Hope Libiran of the DOTr have nothing but praise for controversial Toni Gonzaga for her handling of the criticism from wokes and Marcos critics who are calling to cancel the multimedia star.

Libiran said she totally agree with Toni.

She said that a strong woman like Toni may remain silent when people talk ill about her but her silence does not mean the critics are speaking the truth.

Silence means she does not mean want to waste her energy responding to haters because there are more important things to be done.

Name calling in an attempt to ruin Toni Gonzaga’s reputation does not work because a strong woman like her knows very well that their lies will not change the truth. Besides, she knows her value and that’s what really matters in life. The opinions of critics have no value to her.

Here are the reaction of netizens below.

Nothing can stop a strong woman to be herself. And she will prevail. When the dust settles, she remains standing strong, if not stronger. Sabi nga ng awitin, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!!”. More power Toni! We 🧡 you.

You have been objective in your recent interviews….It’s not your problem…. it’s the problem of those who were not in favor when you guested BBM….Why???? My goodness….If that’s the case, why not put up their own talk show and invite the people that they want only….. that simple….What if it’s Mayor Inday?

Move forward and move on! And she moved forward to the 20th century brand of excellent! The toxics will remain toxic bec they haven’t move on! Yesteryears is gone! Can’t bring back your glory days in the past! 97% of Filipinos became matured in last five years!

You may read Asec. Libiran’s original FB post below now.

I agree with Toni!

Alam ninyo, a strong woman may remain silent when people talk ill about her. But her being silent doesn’t mean she’s unaware, or what they’re saying is true.

She just doesn’t want to waste her time and energy dealing with foolishness, as more important things need to be done.

People may call her names and try to ruin her reputation, but a strong woman knows that their lies will not change the truth. She knows her worth, and she knows what really matters in life. Certainly, opinions of two-faced snakes, liars, and cowards do not count.

Lalim ba ng hugot?! 😅✌️


Source: Asec. Goddes Hope Libiran

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