“I am going to revisit the law on juvenile offenders and do something about this!” – Mayor Duterte

If we take Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s word for it, young offenders of the law will no longer get away with a crime because the Mayor plans to do something about this, once he becomes the next President.

During the interview with Karen Davila and two other radio broadcasters, Mayor Duterte was asked about his stand on the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006 and the Mayor replied,

You know, I really hate to bring this matter up. I really don’t like bringing this up because the main author of the law, Senator Pangilinan is a good friend of mine, but squarely blames Pangilinan because he authored this law.

Mayor Duterte explained that before the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act of 2006 was enacted into law, above 12 years old offender are due for indeterminate sentencing, given the offender is 16 years old below.

When the Pangilinan law was enacted, the authorities cannot detain kids below 15 years old. Mayor Duterte cited an example of the street kids rioting in Manadaluyong, wherein they go in and out of jail.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte lamented that these kids are growing up with no sense of accountability because they are in out of jail. That is why he said, young offenders kill their victims with impunity.

Karen Davila came to the rescue of Senator Pangilinan by pointing out that partly to be blamed is the government who failed to build detention facilities that would house juvenile offenders separate from hardened criminals. Davila said the spirit of the law is to prevent the young offenders from being incarcerated with such criminals.

Mayor Duterte plans to build mandatory correctional institutions for children in conflict with the law if he becomes President.

Duterte was quoted, “You do not go into this kind of set-up without providing the space and money… Make it mandatory for the local governments or the national government to build correctional institutions where they are lectured upon what are the responsibilities of a Filipino citizen.”

You may watch the video starting at 8:35 minutes if you don’t want to watch the other segment of the interview.

Are you in favor Mayor Duterte’s plans?

Source: GMA News and ABS-CBN News

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