“I am now convinced she is our future” — College of Law classmate on Mayor Sara remaining unaffected despite attacks from presidential wannabes

On Inday Sara Duterte reminding her Davao City subordinates to focus on what they need to do for the city and ignore the political noise, Atty. Bruce Rivera, San Beda College of Law classmate and friend of Inday Sara took to Facebook to back up her friend.

“This is true. Inday Sara is not listening to the political noise but is focused on her job as mayor. Believe me, I tried,” Atty. Rivera offered his unsolicited testimony to his Facebook followers.

Atty. Rivera noted that while presidential wannabes taking turns in attacking her, Inday Sara remains unaffected and continue to work hard for her city.

“While wannabees are busy taking turns attacking her because she is ‘just’ the daughter while his father’s party decides their choice is the true continuity, she remains quiet and dignified.”

In light of this, Atty. Rivera remarked he is not only mystified by the strength of her friend, he is convinced more than ever, Sara is the country’s future. In addition from continuing her father’s legacy, Atty. Rivera believed Inday Sara will carve her own legacy.

“The more reason I am not only mystified by her strength but I am now convinced she is our future. She will not just continue the legacy but create her own legacy.”

Atty. Rivera ended the FB post saying that Davaoenos not complaining about Sara as their Mayor after her father tenure is a testament that she has done a good job.

“After all, she is the only person who taken over a job held by a Rodrigo Duterte and Davao City is not complaining because she served the city with the same level of competence and integrity.”

For context, Sara Duterte was reacting to a video circulating online showing three men at the Davao International Airport talking about a meeting with her and the use of an airplane for campaign materials.

To help the non-Cebuano speakers understand what the text says in the socmed graphics below, here’s my ‘best’ translation of the Cebuano part. “While the filing of COC is approaching, political noise is getting noisier and noisier.


Source: Bruce V. Rivera

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