“I could not finish. Nahiya ako.” — Lawyer Bruce Rivera on watching ex-CJ Lourdes Sereno failing to make a decent rebuttal in BBC interview

Generally speaking, Filipinos have a high regard for lawyers.

Ordinary Filipinos marvel at how our male lawyers carry themselves on TV with their crisp American suits and Barong Tagalogs.

That also applies to our female lawyers in their power dresses.

We love our lawyers even more when they start talking in perfect English with a deep and wide vocabulary to match.

If you think the “masa” are only party guilty of this fascination with Filipino lawyers, you’re dead wrong.

Local media are equally guilty of this.

Important lawyer-related events like bar exams and the announcement of the bar exam results are covered by the local TV networks for their primetime newscast.

In short, we looked up to our lawyers like no other races do.

How much more if you are the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?

However, after watching Sereno got humiliated by British TV host Stephen Sackur in the BCC interview, I don’t know if Filipinos will still hold our lawyers, especially our Chief Justice for that matter in high esteem.

Of course, not all lawyers are like Sereno.

How about her peers? Her colleagues? I wonder how her fellow lawyers react after the disastrous interview of Sereno with Sackur.

Speaking of which, lawyer Bruce Rivera remarked he couldn’t finish watching the Sereno interview because he was embarrassed. Very embarrassed! Why? Let’s find out by reading his Facebook post below.


I could not finish watching this video because clearly Atty. Sereno was, in so many instances, floored by the questions. Stephen Sackur even stated, Duterte was elected by a thumping majority and you are just an appointed magistrate”. Sereno said, “Duterte was elected by a plurality and not a majority”. Ako ang napaaray. She knows it is virtually impossible to get elected by a majority so to degrade PRD’s victory to make it less significant actually started Sackur’s antagonism.

Sackur proceeded to say, 8 justices of your own court has lost confidence in you, how can you explain that?

Sackur also said, is it unusual that you said you filed your SALN but you actually did not, is that normal? Sereno said it is. Aray ko ulit.

Sackur said, there have been allegations of your lavish life, you had your car changed because it was not grand enough, traveled in class and stayed in expensive hotels. Sereno answered that she was entitled to the car like the President, the rigors of her work justifies she travels that way and the only hotel she stayed that was expensive was when she signed the ASEAN Accord and it was already paid for and the government got a good rate because it was a block reservation. Sackur answered back, I am sure the Filipino people will be so happy you got a good price on the hotel.

The rest, I could not finish. Nahiya ako. A person who was once our Chief Justice can just be “creamed” on international TV and she could not even make a decent rebuttal.

You may watch the video below and judge for yourself if lawyer Rivera was on point with his observation of ex-CJ Sereno.

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