I hope Doc Willie you know when you are being used — Open letter to Doc Willy Ong from Yorme Isko’s PR expert friend

An open letter addressed to Doc Willing Ong from PR expert Malou Tiquia in the wake of news report he is Yorme Isko Moreno’s VP tandem for the 2022 polls has been making the rounds on Facebook.

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In the open letter, Tiquia recalled meeting with Doc Willy Ong in her office upon the Doc’s behest to talk about his senate campaign.

The two talked about how Doc Ong’s 9M FB followers can catapult him to the senate and strategies how to translate his huge FB following into votes and brings change in the senate ala Dr. Juan Flavier back in the days.

By the way, Tiquia mentioned not charging Doc Willy Ong for the PR consultation. However, Tiquia’s free PR advice was ignored by Doc Ong and ended up at 18th place among the senate aspirants.

The moral of Doc Ong’s senatorial defeat was that, FB followers does not automatically translate to votes just like the campaigns in Singapore, the US, NZ and India.

Tiquia recalled Doc Ong saying after the senatorial defeat that he was not epal and won’t wait for 3 years in order to run again and again.

But after the news report that Doc Ong has accepted Yorme Isko’s offer to run as his VP, an apparently disappointed Tiquia this revolting to say the least. Tiquia even called the sight of Doc Ong sharing the stage with Yorme Isko who has morphed to a “I, Me, Myself” syndrome individual disturbing.

Tiquia ended the open letter hoping Doc Ong will realize soon he has been used by Yorme Isko whom she called transactional. She also hope he did receive cheap grease to make him say YES to the VP offer.

22 September 2021

An Open Letter to Willie T. Ong:

We met last 16 January 2019 in my office per your request. Your lovely wife joined us and we discussed your campaign for the Senate.

During the meeting I asked you about your 9 million FB followers and offered assistance to disaggregate it to determine how many are registered voters. I told you that there are an average of 3 voters per HH and assuming the 9 million were all voters, you could potentially have 27 million votes but I also hastened, you don’t need that number. To win in the Senate, you needed 15 million and you can place relatively in a safe rank then. We also talked about a doctor in the Senate and how the late Sen. Juan Flavier changed things in the very traditional, all boys club institution.

We likewise discussed harvest areas, measured capacity, agenda and others. Again, I asked that my team be granted access to the analytics of your personal FB page Willie T. Ong, of which we are friends. You left a thank you card which I returned to you with a scribbled note saying, “consider it a donation to your campaign instead.”

You were a fresh soul then. The willingness to help and be the voice in the Senate for so many advocacies of yours was sincerely felt. But you decided to do it on your own, strongly believing that the 9 million will land you a seat in the Senate. It did not. You ended in rank 18 with 7.6 million votes, spending P581,000.00. No endorsements, no organization on the ground, few and far in between ads.

Followers is not the metric you get by in FB world. It’s engagement. Learn from the campaigns in Singapore, NZ, USA and India.

Reflecting on your 2019 run, you said: “hindi ako epal. I don’t wait for three years in order to run and run again.” I guess that has changed.

Today, you make a huge jump. But to be VP to a Mayor I have known for 24 years and who belatedly saw morphed to a person who is driven by the “I, Me, Myself” syndrome is revolting. A decent Willie shares a stage with a first time Mayor who planned as early as 30 June 2019 that he will be the 17th is truly disturbing. ISKONG is a partnership made in perdition.

I hope Doc Willie you know when you are being used. You will feel that soon and when he has used you, he should have the decency to say thank you. ISKONG is very transactional. I hope it was not cheap grease you got.###


Source: Malou Tiquia

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