I hope you tell the truth, live by the honor code and stop the lies, milking to the pulp donors… — Former friend to Yorme Isko Moreno

On Yorme Isko Moreno announcing his candidacy for President, his former PR adviser and friend for more than 20 years, Ms. Malou Tiquia has 3 or 4 wishes for the Manila Mayor which she expressed via FB post.

As you launch your candidacy for the president in May 2022, I hope you tell the truth, live by the honor code and stop the lies, milking to the pulp donors and the propaganda your team has been doing and peddling. Filipinos deserve better.

Tiquia reminded Yorme Isko what she told him in their last conversation, which is she loved her country more than her long friendship with the Manila Mayor.

Katulad na lang ng sinabi ko sayo ng huli tayong nag-usap, mas mahal ko ang bayan ko.

Tiquia belittles Yorme Isko Moreno’s capabilities in leading the country’s economic reboot post-pandemic when he has little knowledge on topics like extractive economy.

Mahalaga ang ekonomiya sa 2022. But if you do not know much on the extractive economy we have, how can the country do the reboot? How can camera, lights, action do the needed jobs and UBI? You still live in the MBN era by the way. Nasa SDG na ang mundo.

Tiquia also mentioned she did not welcome the news very well that Yorme Isko got the party (Aksyon Demokratiko) of the man she has much respect, that party quickly just became any other party.

When I heard you got the party of a man I respect much, Aksyon Demokratiko became just any other political party.

Tiquia wrapped up the FB post by telling Yorme Isko that he is no Raul Roco.

Certainly, after knowing you for 24 years and seeing how you do things in the last two years, I can say…


As of this writing. Tiquia’s FB post has generated more than 3,500 reactions, 468 comments and 561 shares in just 11 hours and counting.


Source: Malou Tiquia


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