I think she’s one dangerous politician, the type who loves pretending to know PH Laws better than former CJ of SC Court — Netizen on Sen Poe

FB blogger named “The Political Labandera” shared her personal opinion on Senator Grace Poe in the wake of her Headstart interview with host Karen Davila.

By before doing so, she informed her Facebook followers that the video interview of Grace Poe by Karen Davila was taken down in FB. The good news though, it can still be viewed in YouTube. “I got notified that THIS particular video of Headstart by Karen Davila interviewing Grace Poe is being taken down in FB. But it can still be viewed in YouTube.”

TPL (The Political Labandera) paraphrased what Poe said in the interview. For example, Poe said that for a certain law to be passed, (franchise law) it does not necessarily need the signature of the President. “In this interview Grace Poe says, and I’ll take the liberty to paraphrase, that for a certain law to be passed (in this particular case – a franchise law) that it doesn’t need the signature of the President of the Philippines (because maybe she’s hoping PRRD will just make “deadma” for 30 days and so the “law” can become one by default?). 😂”

TPL went on to talked about Poe’s self-incriminating confession why she did not inhibit herself from the senate hearing because she did not see any conflict of interest. But here’s the naive part of Poe or just plain arrogance that because she’s FPJ’s daughter albeit adopted and backed by ABS-CBN, she can get away with anything even violating the Constitution. “Also in this interview, she’s SAYING (and I’m still paraphrasing) that she did not deliberately inhibited herself from the proceeding because she didn’t see any conflict of interest on her part as a “legislator” blah, blah, blah… AND THEN IN THE VERY NEXT BREATH, SHE ACTUALLY SAID SHE’S BIASED FOR THE MEDIA NETWORK AND HER FAMILY HAS BUSINESS INTERESTS TIED WITH ABS-CBN! Talk about SELF-INCRIMINATION. Toinks.”

TPL remarked that “the IRONY is absolutely lost to Grace Poe.”

TPL said she was not impressed of Poe. TPL remarked Poe sounded knowledgeable because she speaks impeccable English like she knows what she’s talking. However, when you listen to her closely, TPL said Poe is all FLUFF, no substance and showbiz. “If you listen to her talking, Poe comes off as so knowledgeable, ano? Magaling mag English eh. It is AS IF she actually knows what she’s talking ABOUT. Yada-yada-yada. And if one isn’t careful with what one is actually hearing from her, one would be awed. Mataha, in Bisaya. Ang galing-galing talaga mag English, Tagalog, Taglish. But it’s all FLUFF. No substance. All aesthetic. Showbiz.”

TPL ended the FB post calling Poe a dangerous politician, the one who pretends to know PH laws better than anyone else including former Chief Justices of the Supreme Court. She said Poe is doing this to hide her lack of understanding of PH laws. Probably because she’s more familiar and knowledgeable with US’s Declaration of Independence.

“I think she’s one dangerous politician, that type who loves pretending to know Philippine Laws better than, say, a former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (like Renato Puno) to mask their deficient understanding and/or ignorance of provisions in our Constitution…because she’s probably MORE oriented and acquainted with another country’s Constitution? Like the United States of America’s Declaration of Independence, perhaps? Just saying.”

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Source: The Political Labandera

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