I will choose the Dutertes blindfolded and in a heartbeat – Netizen’s reply to side by side comparison between the Robredos and Duterte siblings

A Twitter netizen using the handle @nabunturanguy shared a pic on Twitter and wrote that he enjoyed putting together the collage photos of the Robredo family and the Duterte siblings. He left the collage photo open to netizens’ interpretation.

US-based Bicolano accountant Edwin Jamora reposted the screenshot photo of the tweet and read:

I will choose the Dutertes blindfolded and in a heartbeat. There. Blindfolded. DUTERTE. Wala silang kaartehan. WYSIWYG sila.

Jamora’s FB followers, who are mostly Duterte supporters, agreed with the OP and even went further by comparing the two families as shown in the comments below.

One netizen said she will choose the Dutertes over the Robredos because she is also a believer of the ABL movement on social media.

Me too I will choose the Dutertes …anyone but not madumb

This netizen said the Dutertes don’t have the illusion of grandeur.

The Dutertes do not have illusion of grandeur kaya nga mahirap maakusahang magnanakaw kasi di naman pabida

Pilit na Elite kasi hahaha, commented another.

On netizen called the ladies in pink hypocrites while calling the Dutertes rock stars.

Plastik ng naka-pink, Rockstars ang magkakapatid 👊🏼🇵🇭

This netizen said that a trash no matter how you dress her up is still a trash.

Ang basura, bihisan mo man ng ginto (or pink for that matter) basura pa rin.

Sometimes the nice people you will meet are those wearing tattoos, not wearing nice suits, remarked another.

An irate Duterte supporter urged the Kakampinks to continue insulting the Dutertes and they better watch out how Leni Robredo will fare in the May 2022 polls.

Insultuhin pa nila mga Duterte, Ewan ko lang kung saan pupulutin nanay nila. Besides, di mapagpanggap ang mga Duterte. That’s how they are and people patronize them.

This netizen commented that the saying ‘don’t judge the book by its cover’ very much apply to the Robredos and Dutertes.

Applicable sa kanila yung ‘Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.’ Leni and daughters – parang itlog. Ang kinis sa labas pero bugok, mabaho at wala ng pakinabang. Duterte Siblings- simple at astig sa panlabas pero matalino at may puso.

One netizen said the photo used for comparison was the wrong one and posted a proper photo of the Duterte siblings to make it more credible.


Source: Edwin Jamora

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