“I will resign if change is not felt in the first three of years of my Presidency” –Duterte

By the far the boldest pronouncement from the leading Presidential candidate, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte vows to step down if he cannot deliver on his election promises to the people in the first three years of his Presidency.

Mayor Duterte

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Speaking at the annual Christmas party on Friday, December 18, in Davao City, Mayor Duterte told the members of the media who graced the event, “If by the grace of God, I become President, I will deliver what the Filipino people would like to happen – to live in a country safe from crime and drugs and without corruption in government.”

Mayor Duterte said he has heard the same concern from the people where ever he goes and, quote, “Everywhere I go, I hear the same pleading from the Filipino people: Do whatever you could but please make this country safe for our loved ones and our children.”

Mayor Duterte’s one-hour speech centered on the issues of corruption, crime and drugs and oppression.


Mayor Duterte issued a stern warning to the drug lords and the criminals to stop destroying the Filipino youth, otherwise, they will get a sample of the infamous Duterte brand of justice.

I am warning the drug lords and crime bosses in the country to mend your ways and end your evil activities or else you will end up in the Pasig River or in Manila Bay.


Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, an avowed socialist vowed to end the three-decade long era of labor contractualization.

If this country’s billionaires do not like me to end job contractualization, then you better prepare your money and start buying votes because I will really end this oppressive practice.


Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, the man accused of being an NPA protector due to his alleged ties with the local NPA leaders, vowed to end the longest communist insurgency in South East Asia by leveraging his good relations with the communist leaders based in Mindanao and overseas.

To the NPA, stop it. We have to end the armed struggle. Join me in nation-building. I am willing to give you a role.


Unbeknownst to many Filipinos, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is partly Moro blood by virtue of his grandmother if I am not mistaken. Mayor Duterte admitted in his previous interviews on TV that he made the most of his Moro lineage to befriend the Moro rebel leaders operating outside his city instead of antagonizing them.

I am the only presidential candidate with a Moro blood. I have a son who has embraced Islam and I have grandchildren who are Muslims.

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte added,

How can we possibly allow the continued killings between Filipinos?


More than halfway his one-hour speech, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte did mention to implement a few ordinances that works in Davao City like the smoking ban in public places, liquor sale ban at 1 AM and the ordinance that will make a lot of worried parents happy — the 10 PM curfew for minors. In addition, he vows to impose speed limits on city streets and the banning of firecrackers during Christmas and the New Year celebrations.

There will be no smoking in public places, there will be a liquor ban at 1 a.m., there will be a curfew for minors at 10 p.m., there will be no noisy motorcycles, there will be a speed limit in the city streets and there will be no more dangerous firecrackers during Christmas and New Year.

But, he warned the sectors that are likely to get affected of his plans under his presidency to step aside and said,

Do not to stand in the way of my reform program for the country.

Before he ended his speech, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte hold the Philippine flag behind him as a symbolic gesture and said,

Join me in building a nation without corruption, oppression, crime and drugs. We are a country of so many tribes and different religion. What holds us together are this flag and the piece of paper (Constitution) that ensures equality for all.

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