ICYMI: Manila Bulletin writer on NDF to meet VP Robredo for peace talks resumption?: “This is not funny, this is alarming.”

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu offered the best reaction, albeit sarcastic, on the news report that NDF will meet VP Robredo for the resumption of peace talks.

Chu, borrowed the lines of the critics of President Duterte, called VP Robredo NPA’s pet, “LENI, TUTA NG NPA” to open the FB rant.

Chu was surely caught off guard that VP Robredo and the NDF will have their own peace talks.

“Wow may sariling peace talks si Vice Leni with the NDF “as a rallying point to oust Duterte?”

Chu wondered whether VP Robredo has the power over the AFP? “So kaya nyang sabihan ang AFP mag ceasefire?”

On that note, Chu implored Filipinos to vote out any one of Robredo’s kind in the next election, if they have any respect for all the victims of the NPA.

“If you support our troops, if you respect the grief of hundreds of thousands of Filipinos who were and are impacted by the NPA, if you want real and lasting peace in this country, you have to make sure we vote out every one of them.”

If they vote for Leni despite her pleading, Chu has a message for those people. Lol

“And if you vote for Leni, I hope you experience the pain and grief of those affected by the NPA, a million times over.”

Chu, in all caps, stated why she is this hyped against VP Robredo.


Chu ended the FB rant by putting into one sentence how she feels about the NDF and VP Robredo’s alliance.

“This is not funny, this is alarming.”

In light of Chu’s FB rant, netizens offered their own take on the issue.

One netizen wrote that Robredo’s silence on the Makabayan Bloc and CPP NDF issue made him conclude that Robredo must be sleeping with the enemy. “The deafening silence of Leni in responding to this and/or denouncing these terrorist supporting groups should be enough to say she is sleeping with the enemy. If you can’t say you’re not against them, then you are with them!”

Another netizen chimed in and wondered what was wrong with Robredo for thinking she has the authority to conduct peace talks with the CPP when is not even the President? “Whats going on in your mind robredo, what authority do you think you have in having a talk with the NDF, you are not the President, you dont represent the filipino people, the govt. Ang do you think thd AFP will follow you, i think you are usurping the authority of office of the President. Im not a lawyer but i hope you will land in jail for violating our laws. You are too ambitious for your own downfall. Your done crazy woman”

Note: Upon consulting Google, it turned out, the NDF made the announcement sometime in September 2020 and this was posted at the CPP website. [CPP]


Source: Krizette Chu

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