“If concerned ka talaga..bakit ka pa din aalis?”— PCOO official claps back to Manny Pacquiao’s talking back to PRRD

President Duterte was quoted telling Pacquiao that when you are champion in boxing, it does not mean you are a champion in politics.

President Duterte also claimed that Pacquiao has backed out from his scheduled fight, probably because he knows he is too old for that. And failing in his boxing career, if he loses, he is a goner actually.

Senator Pacquiao sidestepped President Duterte’s jabs, saying that as Taal volcano is threatening to erupt, assistance and solution are what our countrymen are looking. Not infighting.

Pacquiao also denied that he is backing out from the Spence fight as President Duterte claimed. In fact, he said is scheduled to depart this weekend to give the country honor and pride. He said he is happy when Filipinos unite just to watch his boxing match.

Pebbles Duque, Director III for New Media and Special Concern at Presidential Communications Operations Office, took to Facebook to clap back at Senator Pacquiao who took a jab at President Duterte for politicking when our countrymen are looking for solutions and aid due to the impending Taal volcano eruption.

Ms. Duque asked when did Taal erupt but just now. She said it has been handled. People were evacuated on time. Everybody is monitoring the situation so no need to panic. The pandemic has prepared the government for this because for a year, it has been an emergency situation and then Taal erupted.

Ms. Duque’s point was, if Pacquiao’s really concerned for the welfare of the Taal volcano eruption, why leave? The whole government should be on HIGH alert and as a senator, you are part of it. Duque push forward with the offensive, reminding Pacquiao that public service must be his priority because we are facing a crisis. She asked if Pacquaio can do some sacrifice and stay to serve our countrymen facing a crisis? And he has the nerve to aspire to become the next country of the country.


“Kelan lang ba pumutok ang TAAL.. Ngayon lang. It is handled. Naka evacuate na mga tao. Nag momonitor na po lahat. Wag mag-alala. Alam na ang gagawin. Since we have been facing the pandemic and everyday has been an EMERGENCY situation for a year… plus pumutok na TAAL. If concerned ka talaga..bakit ka pa din aalis? The whole government should be on HIGH alert and you are part of it po. Dapat unahin ang serbisyo muna sa bayan mo ngayon na may kinakaharap na krisis. So…di ba kayang isakripisyo na wag na umalis para pag-silbihan ang mga kababayan niya na may emergency? Tapos, may ambisyon na maging leader.”

“Wag umilag. Stick tayo doon sa pina-siklab mong issue,” clap back at Pacquaio.

Ms. Duque acknowledged that Pacquiao has done our country proud and that we are happy and proud of him. “Marami ng pinatunayan na dangal para sa Pilipino. We are happy for him. Very proud.”

Ms. Duque reckoned that since Pacquiao is seeking the highest position, she asked if it shouldn’t it be best to prove himself worthy as Filipino people’s public servant? His top priority not a sideline? After all, he was voted and paid for by the people.

“But I think this time if he is seeking the highest position, shouldn’t it be best for him to prove himself worthy as FILIPINO people’s public servant. This should be his top priority first not a sideline. Voted by the people. Paid by the people. We need to see the performance as a public servant of the country and not a world boxer anymore.”

Ms. Duque wrapped up her lengthy clap back by leaving Pacquiao with something to think about. “Mga Pilipino na iiwan mo ang boboto sayo at hindi mga audience mong kano.”


Source: Pebbles Duque

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