“If Duterte respects me as ordinary priest, then he has high respect to the Pope” – Monsignor Cuison

Monsignor Cuison run to the rescue of Duterte

Monsignor Cuison runs to the rescue of Duterte

We’ve already heard of the infamous cursing of the Pope by Mayor Duterte in front of national TV, though he already apologized for his transgression after Archbishop Socrates Villegas issued a strong rebuke against the former on Facebook, right?

By the way, have we heard a strong reprimand from the CBCP head when the DAP, PDAF and corruption issues hounding the Pnoy administration?

The public scolding is not totally surprising since the CBCP head is just doing his job to defend the Pope. In hindsight, he could have done a better job by inviting the Mayor of Davao over a cup of coffee and gave the Mayor a chance to explain.

But, that is water under the bridge for now!

Meanwhile, a netizen who has access to a local Catholic church leader in Davao City successfully squeezed out a statement from Davao diocese Vicar general and Canon lawyer Monsignor Paul Cuison though he declined to issue a statement from concerned Davao citizens who called him earlier.

Please read the full text of the story shared by a Davao resident and Duterte supporter who elicited a response from one of the local Roman Catholic leaders in Davao.

A conversation with Monsignor Cuison.

When everyone was ranting over the slur which Mayor Rodrigo Duterte uttered during his proclamation Monday, I called up a Catholic leader here.

I was happy, Davao diocese Vicar general and Canon lawyer Monsignor Paul Cuison returned my call.

During our talk, I understand how church leaders here view Duterte’s statements and positioning on various issues. Cuison has come to the rescue of mayor Rodrigo Duterte, who is now criticized over his statement about the Pope and the country’s worsening traffic problem.

To my surprise, Monsignor Cuison emphasized “You got to know Digong more, for you to understand the meaning of what he said.” Fr. Paul as I call him, revealed, “many texted me to react on the statement of mayor Digong about the Pope, but when I viewed the video, I noticed that the curse was directed to the heavy traffic and the sacrifice of the people and not the Pope..” For one to understand the language of Duterte, Fr. Paul stressed. “you need to be able to know him and understand what he really wanted to say, do not take it literally, if you know him you will understand where he stand given the issue at hand.”

During his proclamation Monday, November 30, Duterte cursed several times expressing his exasperation over various problems which remained unattended, and he ended up cursing the traffic when the Pope visited the country in January.

Duterte’s statement against the Pope drew the ire of netizens who disagreed, claiming the Catholic pontiff deserves high respect. For many it was a show of disrespect. But for Fr. Paul “I do not believe that Digong will ever show disrespect to the Pope, for me he does not mean disrespect when he cursed the traffic while the Pope was here.

Look at me, I am just a priest, but he take my hand and “bless” wherever we see each other, If he respects me as ordinary priest, then I can say, he has high respect to the Pope.”

Though this story appears to serve the interest of Mayor Duterte, but in the spirit of fairness and justice, let us give the Duterte followers the benefit of the doubt to vouch for the character of their Presidential bet.

Credits to Editha Zaragosa Caduaya