“If Philippines is one of the most beautiful and rich in natural resources, why is our country so poor?” DDS answers age-old question

Once again, prolific blogger Jun Abines has taken to Facebook to try to answer the age-old question, “WHY ARE FILIPINOS SO POOR?”

Abines opened the FB post by posing a series of questions designed to engage his readers and grab their short attention spans. “If Philippines is one of the most beautiful and rich in natural resources, why is our country so poor? If Filipinos are one of the most talented and hard working people in the world, why are we still among the poorest?”

Abines lamented that we Filipinos take pride of our education, our diplomas from expensive schools and being the only Christian country in Asia and yet we remained a third world country and our people are one of the poorest. “We take pride of our education. Our expensive schools. Our respectable professions. We even take pride of our religion, our high morals and being the only christian country in Asia. Despite all these our country remained a third world economy and our people remained the poorest.”

Not only that, Abines added, we have strategic advantages over other non-speaking countries in the world because of our English proficiency, nicest and hard working attitude. Our OFW’s in many parts of the globe is a testament to that and yet we fail in terms of translating this in our economic and financial prosperity. “We are among the countries in the world who can speak English very well. We are among the nicest and most hard working people proven thru our armies of OFWs around the world. We are polite, obedient and hospital. Yet we fail in terms of economic and financial prosperity big time.”

Apparently perplexed, Abines could only ask these questions to beg for answers from his introspection.

“Where did we go wrong as a people? Where did we go wrong as a race?”

Abines believed that to answer the age-old question that Filipinos have been asking for a long time is to examine these two hard truths prevalent in the country. “The answer to all our of our questions lies in these two aspects: First, look at the list of richest people in the Philippines, almost all of them are Chinese and mestizo. Second, look at most of the premiere and most expensive schools in the Philippines, most of them are owned by the Catholic Church. So what?

Yes, you’re right! Abines suspects that we can understand why Filipinos are poor by comparing our culture to the Chinese.

Abines said “most of these richest Chinese were born and raised in a Chinese culture. Same goes with those Mestizos. They were born and raised on their own culture.”

Meanwhile, Abines remarked that the Catholic Church during the Spanish period subconsciously programmed to “get educated” and “find a master to serve”. “What about us Filipinos? Oh we were enslaved first by the Spanish for hundreds of years!. Then educated by the Catholic church. We were taught to be nice, polite, obedient and hard working slaves. We were educated to please and serve masters. Not to become masters. We were subconsciously programmed to ‘get educated’ and ‘find a master to serve.'”

Abines believed our Spanish indoctrination best explained why Filipino officials from the time of Aguinaldo to PNoy were tamed and easily controlled by foreign-blooded Oligarchs. This attitude also applies to the common Filipinos. “No wonder most of our elected Filipino officials since Emilio Aguinaldo to PNoy were intimidated and tamed by foreign blooded oligarchs. No wonder most of our elected officials easily cave in to temptations and corruptions. Because sub-consciously we remain slave to foreigners.”

Abines described the Filipino attitudes, which he called sickness we do not realize to have infected us. “We feel inferior. We feel poor. We feel less educated. We feel small. We feel indebted. We feel inferior compare to other races. A sickness we did not realize to have infected us.”

Abines welcomed the entry of President Rodrigo Duterte into the national politics because Duterte is a man who believes Filipinos are not inferior to any race, nation or organization. “Enter President Rodrigo R. Duterte! A man who believes in his heart that Filipinos are not inferior to any race, nation or organization. He stand proud and act bravely like a true blooded Maharlikan Prince fit to be a King!”

Abines recalled that when Duterte just assumed the Presidency, the bullies came charging towards him but instead of running away, he cracked his whip and they were put into their right places. “As he assume office as President of the Philippines, the bullies came charging! President Rodrigo Duterte like a hero in a Disney movie whipped the bullies and put them in their right places.”

Abines said President Duterte angrily lectured the bullies who treats Filipinos as their inferior. “‘I am the President of a sovereign country. I answer to nobody but to the Filipino People!’ Duterte angrily lectures all the bullies who sees Filipinos as their inferior.”

Abines mentioned that even the Pope, former President Obama, all European leaders and the Canadian PM were not spared of Duterte’s habit of scolding people who meddled in domestic affairs. The President cracked thewhip against those who cheated and undermined the government. “He scolded the Pope and the whole Catholic Church. He cursed Obama and all European and Canadian Leaders who meddle with Philippine affairs. He whipped the foreign blooded Oligarchs who cheated and undermined the government. He put to prison and filed cases to politicians who betrayed their fellow Filipino by serving the foreign blooded masters.”

Abines claimed that never in Philippine history where Filipinos gained the respect of the international community, integrity and admiration of the world. “Never in the Philippine history where the Filipino people gained respect, integrity and admiration in the eyes of the world. Most of all, we gained self respect and national pride deep within.”

Abines said that essentially, President Duterte wants Filipinos to assert themselves as masters, not servants or thieves in one’s house but get rid of the intruders and thieves. “The Filipino own Philippines. No one deserves to rule this country but us, Filipinos! This is our house! Don’t act like servants and thieves in your own house. Get rid of those thieves and intruders! This is the message of Duterte as his enemies want us to feel that we cannot survive without US or China in our side.”

Abines remarked that President Duterte taught Filipinos how to act as true-blooded Filipinos — brave, high respect for himself and does not allow his countrymen to be bullied by foreigners. “Duterte showed us how to be a true blooded Filipino. Brave, with high respect to one’s self and does not allow anyone bully his nationality. Only then we deserve to gain back control and enjoy the wealth of our country.”

Abines argued that if Singapore achieved economic wonders whose resources and land area are limited, there is NO reason why the Philippines who is beautiful and a rich country can’t do the same. “Philippines is a beautiful and rich country. If we run, manage and govern this country properly, there is more than enough for every Filipino. If Singapore achieved economic wonders with their tiny territory, how much more if we make Philippines a better one?”

Abines, in a forceful tone, that before eyeing for greatness, we must get rid of our ‘poor mentality’ first. Only then we can act as rightful heirs of the Maharlikan country owned by our forefathers. “But first, let’s get rid of the “poor mentality” in our minds. Let’s act as the rightful heirs of the Maharlikan country owned by our forefathers. Dignified, confident and courageous Maharlikan. We were after all royal bloods from the very beginning.”

Abines ended the FB post with this line, “Only then we can start marching for a better Philippines!”

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Source: Jun Abines

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